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Ask me a question feature and Twitch community testing tips

By 22 September, 2016 No Comments

That’s right, I’m introducing a feature on this site where you can ask any question you feel like either antonymous or leave your Twitch handle so everyone can see the name/URL of your channel.

There’s a few reasons behind this and the first one is SEO. Google LOVES questions, you might know that it’s often what Google is used for, and that’s why Google ranks those higher than most. It also allows me to see what you want to know more about and what you’re struggling with. Since problem solving is what I do I love getting to hear more about it.

Finally, and this is even more important for you, it’s to see where the community is at and the first step into building one. Community wise I haven’t built that much yet but I’m going to start working on a few things in the coming months that hopefully will be more than worth it for you. What can you take away from that?

The value in a Twitch community

Twitch did a really nifty change in wording not too long ago (or at least I noticed it not too long ago) and that’s for when a user  is banned or deleted from the site it says something along the lines of “This community dosen’t exist” instead of “User no longer exist”. This small, yet big, change defines that every Twitch channel isn’t just a isolated thing but rather it’s a community of people that have their own language and mannerisms (the same way we differentiate a tribe… I think I’ve written an article about this way before Twitch started talking about it).

A community on Twitch is more than people that only agrees with your values or likes your brand. The true value comes from them engage with your brand, both on Twitch and in other places (Twitter, Instagram, Forums etc). This is the true value of your community and reach and is huge factor in your growth. Let’s make this simpel, 300 people that actively share your content, tweets and active in chat is a lot better than 3000 inactive followers.

We want to invest time and/or money into getting those number up instead of anything else. We however need to understand how that’s done the best way and how to do effectively. We’re not measuring money here but instead we’re measuring how people are engaging with you, your brand and your content.

Growth, engagement and brand love

These three are the core aspects that will enable you to measure the strength of your community. Let’s start by looking at growth. Having that small tight community of people can be and feel really great and I don’t want to take away from that. However the bigger your brands community is the more attention and exposure it can get. If you want to locate how or where to focus you need to look at the past, present and future. Where/when did you attract an audience? Where did the number taper off? Is your growth steady or erratic?

Engagement is getting harder and harder to track since you can’t really measure something you can’t see. With that I mean e-mails, chat, private messaging and so on. So instead we need to look at what we can measure and that’s how it’s shared in social media, comments, chat activity, retweets and so on. The numbers you should be look at here is how large your reach is on social media and what content (yes a tweet is content) is gaining reach and if nothing is gaining reach you might just not be giving the content that your audience wants or care about. How to solve it? Reach out! We can go back to the feature I introduced with asking me questions while it’s a free service it also serves as a way for me to see what you want to know more about. I can then take that information and create content around that and we both get value out it, you by getting better content and me by getting better reach. You can do the same thing with your audience. Take someone aside in your audience and ask them what they would like to see you do. Of course you still need to have a filter and understand you brand and where you want to take it but it’s a start.

Brand love is the thing that I love the most. I still have screenshots, saved messages, e-mails and logs from people that have thanked me or interacted with my in any way. It’s spontanues feedback and I try to go out of my way to find posts, forum posts etc. where LiveSpace is mentioned and leave a message. My tip is to setup a Google Aler with your Twitch name and see what comes up or do searched on reddit on your Twitch brand from time to time. Leave a message and show that you care about everyone that wants to be apart of your community in anyway possible. There’s a bunch of different ways to get going with some brand love but as long as you’re active in the community even outside of your channel you’re already stepping your game up.


I want you to go and ask questions now! Meanwhile I’m going to start working on that next thing! Also I’m prepping for the TwitchCon panel and hopefully you can catch it in person or on on Saturday 1 October at 1 PM PST!

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