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Case Study – Team RollPlay Visual Identity

By 6 April, 2015 No Comments

The interview/brief

Since I’ve been a part of RollPlay since the beginning I’m already familiar with the brand. We had a short brief what the project was about and what was possible on the platform we were going to use. What we wanted to create was a stream¬†around the people that are on the RollPlay shows. It would be a part of the RollPlay brand yet it would need it’s own identity as not to be confused with a actual show.

Team RollPlay Concept

I quickly identified that what ever we made needed to both relate able to the brand yet having it’s very own identity. Meaning that using a mix of flat, since that would show the user that this is RollPlay yet not one of the shows (all of the shows uses a skeuomorphic style) and then use a bit of the skeuomorphic, again to bridge the gab that this is after all closely RollPlay related.

twitch-team2Looking at how the current stream¬†pages are configured on Twitch, the very first thing you see is a banner and a avatar, I didn’t want to put the full name of Team RollPlay on the square avatar since the format wouldn’t really work. The best place for this was the banner where I could put bigger text and even the finer lines of the dice in the logo would show up clearly.

For the avatar I still wanted to have something bold and big but also having the brand in there. The solution was to have the RollPlay R visible with the dice part of the logo. Adding the image from the dice photo shoot further sold that this was the Team RollPlay brand.rollplay-team-avatar

The very last step was the information section. Here we wanted to have a small biography and links to each member of the stream team. Twitch, as I write this, allows usage of some HTML and that gave us a bit more to play with than their regular panel system. With the branding in mind I created a clean and easily understood information section that was made with simple HTML image tags and hyperlinks. Another thing that had to be addressed was that there would be more people added over time. Therefor I made the background is tile able and the export process can easily be updated with slices and pre-made HTML setup.

Final version

preview-1Team RollPlay will be a professional brand that we can keep build on. It is and will always be a a separate brand from the regular RollPlay shows without being so far away that it’s misunderstood.



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