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Free Twitch Branding Brainstorming

By 13 February, 2017 No Comments

I’ve for awhile now been offering up brainstorming sessions for clients. It’s been a lot of fun and there’s been some great results from it as well. However I would want to share that knowledge with everyone else as well. Therefore as I’ve now started streaming I’m now going to offer free Twitch branding brainstorming sessions during my streams.

How does free Twitch branding brainstorming work?

These will take place on tuesdays and wednesdays between 16.00 and 19.00 CET. I know that’s an awkward time for readers in the US but I’ll aim to do the same during the weekends, but that’s not always going to happen. Why the odd early time? My assumption is that most of my readers are streamers themselves and therefore want to stream later that very same day (I’ll explain more about figuring out attention in another channel).

How can you get free Twitch branding brainstorming?

You can start by┬ásimply heading over to discord.livespace.se and when I’m live write in the chat that you’re open to get pulled into a voice chat. That’s really it. After that we’re going to have our talk for up to an hour (since I want to bring on as many people as possible).

Be awere that there’s no queue system so that means that first come first serve each time I’m live. The best way to keep up to date on that is A) follow the channel or B) follow me on Twitter.

The only thing that you have to agree to is that our conversation will be broadcasted, recorded and used for promotional purposes.

What is Twitch branding brainstorming?

This is the same service that I provide to my clients. There’s nothing different at all. It allows you to ask question and me to ask question to you. But what does all of that include?

In a general purpose we talk about your channel and give you a chance to promote yourself. ┬áHere’s a few things that we probably go over, but it’s not limited to it:

  • How you can maximize your target audience
  • How you can leverage social media
  • Where you can find and leverage attention for your Twitch channel
  • What it takes to build your Twitch brand
  • What to think about as you create/re-think your Twitch branding

Of course we’ll cover a lot more since there’s no set amount of questions. All questions are and should be based around you and your channel. See it as two opportunities. A way to promote your channel to other like minded people and level up your stream.

Since I do believe in not punishing early adopters. So if you’ve invested in a brainstorming session in the past I’ll give you another hour (on or off stream).

Go and follow the Twitch channel right away to get a headstart on all of this. There won’t be any queue system so be ready when I’m live.



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