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SnowSoup Twitch Branding

By 9 February, 2017 One Comment

For the last couple of week I’ve been working with SnowSoup Twitch branding. It’s been a fun project that really challenged me to think a bit outside of the box to check all the right boxes.

SnowSoup Twitch branding Brief

As we first started to talk over Discord we decided that we needed to find a warm brand for SnowSoup. We talked a lot about how we could incorporate the SnowSoup name. We went over the idea of an avatar and a logo but at end landed on using a mascot.

Another thing we knew we both wanted was something that was inviting rather than harsh. That played well into the warmth of the whole thing as well. You’ll be able to see that as you keep reading this article.


SnowSoup Twitch Branding Moodboard


To get the warmth and be able to convey the right message we went over a few different moodboards. The reason is since our earlier conversation, while productive, needed to have a bit of a jump start. The best way to do that is to actually create something visual for the client to see. Since it can be hard to visualize something that only been described.

As you can see I wanted to bring in a lot of warmth. At the same time I wanted to use something that’s a bit brighter and fresh. A few of these ideas were abandoned during creation but that’s fine. These moodboard only serves as inspiration and not as a hard rule.

Mascot and sketch

SnowSoup Twitch Branding Sketch


After the moodboard was done the next step is to sketch out the mascot. Now this mascot was a bit more literal to the name. But it that dosen’t mean that it should be boring. The important part here is to infuse it with the personality and the brand of the streamer.

SnowSoup wanted to have something that was rather cute but not too childish. I’m going to use the rest of the brand to take it a bit further away from that as well. Remember that a brand isn’t one illustration piece but rather a whole concept.

SnowSoup Twitch Branding Avatar


As you can see in the final version there were glasses added. The reason for the glasses was pretty simple since SnowSoup has glasses so to give it a bit more of SnowSoup’s personality. The little sparkles are there to represent the cold together with the scarf.

SnowSoup Twitch branding Preview

After the avatar was done and approved I moved onto creating a few pieces. My whole processes is designed to minimize revisions and a big part of that is the first preview. It’s only 2 – 3 different things from the SnowSoup Twitch branding. That way SnowSoup can get a feel for the direction and feel.

You’re going to see a few changes in the final version. While most of these didn’t come from SnowSoup. It’s also on me to see what works once everything is in place. What might work between three pieces might not work when you have 10 or 20 different things. Therefore there was a need to do smaller adjustments to the SnowSoup Twitch branding as I moved forward.

Complete project

While this often, but not alway, is the place to do the second preview. Since at time there needs to be additional adjustments. This time around however it all came together at this point and was approved pretty much there on the spot.

I think it’s important to talk about a few of the things we have here. As I mentioned earlier there are smaller adjustments to the whole thing. For instance icons was removed from the panels. The decision for that was that they ended up being very busy when there was both icons and the graphical element of the snow. Doing it also aided in pulling the whole SnowSoup Twitch branding together a lot better.

Another thing you might notice, and this is important, is that the Twitter, Twitch and YouTube banners all look and feel slightly different. This isn’t only because they’re different dimensions but also because they’ll serve different needs. I want to make this point since I don’t think enough designers around Twitch takes this into account. Instead what you often see is the same one used across them all.

When creating a Twitter banner it’s important to keep the brand in mind from the start. The reason for this is due to the fact that all the user will see here is your latest tweets (or pinned Tweet) and bio. That’s it in-terms of providing content and information. Therefor I would argue that a banners needs to grab attention and convey the SnowSoup Twitch branding.

For both the Twitch and YouTube banner you need to have a different approach. On Twitch you already have the Offline image that should convey the SnowSoup Twitch branding. So you don’t want to over do it with too much text in one space. Social media will always be in the panels or perhaps in the offline image (but again we’re starting to add duplicate information at that point. The Twitch banner, as I’ve discovered, needs to have a rather large width. This is so that it better can scale down. I’m bringing this up since the YouTube one scales a bit different than the Twitch banner.

Finally for the YouTube banner you have to keep the scale in mind. There’s a bunch of great templates out there that you can follow to get everything to look good on all screens. I would say to focus mostly on the desktop one since you can end up with something that looks better across all the other ones if that’s done correct. I actually had to move the mountains around a bit to make them fit properly on all of the resolutions.

Final package delivery of SnowSoup Twitch branding

tree-viewNow the final package is in itself a work of art these days, if I say so myself and I do. This here is how it’s structured for the client. Doing this isn’t only because it looks cool to show others. It’s done so everything is easy for the client to find. It also helps when I write the guide and it helps when there’s need for troubleshooting. Since if the folder structure is the same on my end as theirs it’s a lot easier to put yourself in their shoes.

I also mentioned a guide. This guide isn’t just a text file anymore. It’s actually a HTML document that contains everything from lists, images, codes on how to setup the whole SnowSoup Twitch branding.

The reason why I have this is to, once again, make it a lot easier for the client to set everything up. In the near future, with the tool that me and a few other people are working on, there won’t be a need to have something like this anymore. Me as a designer should be able to hand over a completely setup inside of the product and the client should be able to start streaming without having to set anything up besides the scene in OBS/xsplit. The future is almost here!

Alright that’s it for this week! I had fiber installed here today so now I’m able to actually stream. I do have a schedule thought and a plan over what I’m going to do (it won’t be all design work). I’m still going to write articles today’s a week and the newsletter as well. I won’t however stream on those days. More info on all of that as I settle in.

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