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Case study: JoshOG Twitch Subscriber Badges

By 19 December, 2016 No Comments
JoshOG Twitch Subscriber Badges

A new week and that means yet another case study. This time I’m once again working with JoshOG. Of course I’m using the Twitch branding that I put in place for him awhile back. For this project it’s applied to the JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges. These badges are for the users that are subscribed to JoshOG’s Twitch channel. The type of badge is determined based on the amount of months that the user have been subscribed.

Brief for JoshOG Twitch Subscriber Badges

JoshOG wanted the duck avatar (that I created) to be used as it hatched from an egg. Starting at the egg and ending with the duck avatar being a duckling.


I simply started by drawing a egg and using that as a template for each sketch. As you can see the original avatar is also there. I decided to do this since it would have taken a lot longer to have to redraw the duck for each egg. The only modification was to give the eyes a newborn appearance.

Below you can see the second sketch. The first sketch didn’t have enough of progression so one step was removed and a new “eggshell step” was included instead.

JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges sketch

Twitch subscriber badge sketch

Bringing it into Adobe Illustrator

JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges Illustrator

Inside adobe illustrator

In illustrator I pretty much repeated the process by using the egg as starting template. After that copying the egg down for each new step. That way the shape and spots would stay in the exact same spot without having to align them correctly each time.

The same process with adding the duck avatar (without the eyes) was applied to each badge. Only the egg, feet, wing, eyes and body was an addition. All of these assets kept with the JoshOG brand profile.

Here you can see all of the outlines to each layer that was used. Each of these outlines is then filled our outlined with a color value. Since I knew that the final pixel count on these JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges would be 18px, 36px and 72px I didn’t apply the same stroke thickness to these.

Final Subscriber Badges

JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges

JoshOG Twitch subscriber badges

After the badges was completed in Illustrator I brought them into Photoshop. Inside of Photoshop I simply started to resize them using Bicubic Sharper. That was the edges gets a bit more defined when resized. They won’t look as blurry and look a lot better when resized down to the 18px size.

I know this is a short one but it’s a busy week with the holidays here and all of that. I did get a pretty awesome gift from a previous client and I ended up upgrading his branding with some dynamic elements as a thanks.

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