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Case study: JoshOG Holidays Branding Assets

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For those that have been reading for awhile or have been to the portfolio. You know that I created the JoshOG rebranding efforts. While I haven’t been working on the continuously. They do bring me in when larger assets are needed. This time it’s the holiday season so  JoshOG holidays branding assets for the season were needed.

Since I do have all of the previous assets and are familiar with the branding that JoshOG  has. It’s a lot easier to create something when there’s a look and feel already in place. While it wouldn’t be hard to create something with any brand it’s always faster when there’s branding guidelines in place.


The goal for the project was pretty simple. It was to create a holiday look that would correspond with the overall look and feel of the brand. I did have a lot of free range on the project. This is due to built up trust and handling it all with professional ease. JoshOG holidays branding assets would be across a few of the already built assets such as camera, in-game overlay and starting card.  It was a matter of creating the assets in Illustrator and compiling them on top of the regular assets.

Holiday duck

JoshOG Holidays Branding Assets Holiday version of Logo

Holiday version of JoshOG mascot

When creating added assets to something that’s already been created. There’s a few things that we need to look at. It’s the colors, shadows, style and weight. There’s no need to worry about the colors here since we’re going to go outside of the green that is JoshOG. Shadows are simple and about 20% down in brightness from the main colors and they’re coming down from the top to shape the beak for instance. The style is simple in it’s approach and keep a modern aesthetic. This is further played on in with the weight. From the weight of the overall look to the weight of the strokes.

All of these combined is what really makes it feel as if it was a part of the branding from the start. This is of course also the reason why you might want to look into having a few set branding guidelines.

To actually create the santa hat all really did was to google santa hat to get the physics and look of it. After that I translated the shapes into shapes that worked with the style and weight of the JoshOG brand. Then adding color and shadows to give it more dimension.

This was the first step in getting things setup for the  JoshOG holidays branding assets.

Snow and other assets

JoshOG Holidays Branding Assets

Holiday assets

The other assets are created in a similar fashion but in this case removing the weight from them. This due to them being considerably smaller. They’re using the same modern style with a touch of a cartoon feel. This is important to keep the same feel across it all.

When it comes to the snow it’s a little bit different. I knew that I wanted the show to look a bit more organic. I made this decision after looking at images of snow. What was common across them all was the unevenness and weight of the snow. Therefor I used my drawing tablet and the brush tool in Illustrator. Since it was hand drawn it gained a uneven shape and I could better simulate the weight. To get all the curves smooth I used the smooth tool and adjusted some lines manually. Lastly I gave the snow a gradient from white to ice blue to give it dimension.

Final showcase of JoshOG holidays branding assets

After all the assets been put together in Illustrator they’re transferred over into the overlays and card. This is simply used by placing them in the Photoshop document as smart objects to maintain the vector so they can be resized.

Each of the assets are imported one by one. This way the JoshOG holidays branding assets can be adjusted as needed according to the different applications.

Welcome back good old article form. It’s been a few weeks now. They’re no back in time for the holiday’s and all. I’ll make a return to the video format eventually but I also have a bunch of stuff that I want to write about and there’s tons of work this and next month.

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