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Case study: GamerWorldNet Twitch Branding

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This project was all about creating something fun and welcoming. At the end of it turned into a fun project with a lot of interesting new design ideas and concepts that you’ve hopefully haven’t seen before with this GamerWorldNet Twitch branding.


I talked with GamerWorldNet over email and eventually Discord to get the brief down. We did a late start due to there being a lot of work on my place at first. When we got started it was clear that something fun yet high in concept was needed for the GamerWorldNet Twitch Branding.

One of the things that GamerWorldNet never really had gotten to grasp with was how to create a world playing video games should be visualized. As soon as it was mentioned my brain started to think different images. This would later even shape the entire brand and color selection.

Another thing that was mentioned was the color purple. Now when it comes to colors it’s never a straight line between what the client say and what they want/need. The difference is in that they might never looked at the whole gamut of colors within that range. They probably have never thought about the color combined with other colors and what that would tell.


GamerWorldNet Twitch branding Moodboard


For the moodboard I started to play with ideas and colors from the start. An important aspect was to find a balance between modern and personality. Often when you see inexperienced designers do minimal or modern they miss out on the personality. It’s a easy mistake to make since minimal and modern on the surface looks so simple. The truth is that they’re more complex than anything since they have to carry a message and a personality without effort.

If you look at the moodboard you can see that it contains a lot of interesting color combinations. It also contains a modern approach yet have a personality. These were some of the key aspects that I wanted to bring into the GamerWorldNet Twitch branding.


GamerWorldNet Twitch branding Sketch


I knew that I wanted to sketch a world that was playing a game. When I sketch I have a bunch of reference images around the canvas. I also have a huge canvas so that I can test out different things. One thing I don’t do is present several sketches. I’m the designer and not the client. That might sound a bit backwards that the client don’t get to pick what they like. However if I’ve done it right with the moodboard and interview I know what they want. They will, and should, of course come with comments on the sketch. It’s my job as a designer to make sure that what I present is what they want.

GamerWorldNet Twitch branding Avatar


This sketch got approved on the spot and we moved forward to actually create the GamerWorldNet Twitch branding.

Here you can see how different a sketch can look from the final illustration. Personally I like to keep my sketches fast and fluid. Meaning that a lot of detail and style comes into play inside of Adobe Illustrator.

Preview of GamerWorldNet Twitch branding

When I do previews I do so the same that I do the sketches and the logo process. It’s so that you can get a taste and a understanding of the direction. I do this by creating something for the in-game overlay, starting screen and Twitch panels.

I’ve taken the color combination to the next level. I’ve also turned the dark purple into space. Further taking the world into account not as a single entity but as a whole community. That’s why you can see several planets playing games instead of only one. This will be a repeating pattern through the brand.

In the Twitch panels you can see that I’ve, once again, used my concept of using different size Twitch panels depending on importance to the viewer. This makes it clear what’s important without having to write it out. It also leaves space for text with the smaller ones.

The alerts are using different color schemes to differentiate them. They also incorporate the dotted lines. These lines aren’t random and actually serves as a hint at an orbit. Connecting pieces together without right out saying it can be very effective for story. Meaning that it adds to the discovery by the audience. They’re part of this but they’re not stupid. It’s show don’t tell. Allow you audience to use their intelligence to figure things out themselves.

Final version of GamerWorldNet Twitch Branding

Usually I have a second preview and it was the same here. However it was approved as the final version on the spot. When this happens you know that you were able to read it all right from the start. At the end of the day a designers job is to solve problems. If those problems can be solved with accuracy it’s always the best outcome.

End of the week! A lot of things are happening at the end of the year. I’m involved in so many awesome projects and I’m pretty much working around the clock. However I’m doing what I love so I won’t complain. Currently I’m working on a pretty awesome SaaS project that’s, by big streamers, have been called “a dream product”.

Did you like the branding in this article? Then you should contact me right away or check out my portfolio if you’re still on the fence. You can also read the box below for a bit more information on it.



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