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Case study: Damogron Twitch Branding

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Damogron Twitch Branding

A bit of a off the beat type of branding going on here. It’s not my typical style or clean and simple. However I like to think that even if it’s more of a high concept it still looks and feels effortless for the Damogron Twitch branding. At least that’s what I always aim for.

The brief

Damogron approached me through my contact form and we started to talk back and forth about what the project would entail and the pricing. We both quickly started to vibe and have a understanding of what it could look like. Taking inspiration from Blizzard games and going in a direction that reflects a personal aspect more then a strict thing. While still maintain a narrower target audience, and also how to expand and how to still be able to play games outside of that realm.

What we wanted to achieve was a mix between something clean but at the same time having a fantasy/sci-fi touch to it. We didn’t want to go too far away from what Blizzard does but still use a different style and get Damogron’s own perspective into Damogron Twitch branding.

The moodboard

Damogron Twitch branding moodboard


Here both me and Damogron actually had two separate moodboards. All I did was to combine them taking what me and Damogron likes the most about mine and then I took what I felt would work the best from his moodboard. That combined into what you can see here. Hopefully you’ll be able to see the inspiration and the choices that was made can all be traced back to the moodboard.


Damogron Twitch Branding Sketch


For this I knew that I had to do some sketching so I picked up my Wacom tablet and draw the lettering for the main logo. Even if it might look as if the entire thing is very much hand drawn. What I did was actually to do the sketch in Photoshop and then outline each letter with the pen tool to create a shape for each letter.

That way I could modify each letter later on if there’s any problems (that actually happened). This way also allows for straighter lines and that will look a lot better when we start to put it on different things. Then if ever needed I have it as vector paths so it could easily be printed with vectors on a shirt in the future as well. It’s all about future proofing things and not just leaving someone stranded.

After I had the shapes down I started to paint on a new layer and used that as a clipping mask. That way I didn’t have to worry about panting over the lines that I had created with shapes. I kept doing that for about 4 or 5 layers until I felt I had it down. Added details, textures and finally sharped the image to get a harsher look to it.

Preview 1

Damogron Twitch branding preview 1

Preview 1

As you can see in the very first preview we made a lot of progress. Maintaining all of key features I mentioned in the brief. The two main objects here is the name and the emblem style panels. They’re a lot less on the nose then one with icon and text. In this case I went 320×320 and filled it with one entire icon with the same theme as the name logo.

The important aspect to look at here is the icons themselves. They’re not slapped on but rather have a distinctive look to them that still maintains clean lines. Each icon was created or re-created in Illustrator to get the same look in all of them, even the icons for Twitter, Instagram etc. got a overhaul to maintain that style. The emblem shape itself is actually a shape layer with the Polygon Tool. Keeping the same style throughout the entire thing was another important aspect that I wanted to keep.

Preview 2

Damogron Twitch branding preview 2

Preview 2

There’s not that much difference between Preview 1 and Preview 2 in this case. There’s mostly adding more things and doing smaller fixes. For instance I started using a new way to do the sharpening and used a bit of a different setting for that sharpening. The large open spaces are for cameras and Twitter, I wanted to maximize the space and that’s something that I learned while doing the RollPlay overlays. This way as much of the camera as possible is visible. That will always give the viewer the best possible experience in these cases. Otherwise when it’s actual gameplay involved I would do the opposite and highlight the gameplay over the streamer. There’s always exceptions for when you should and can do the opposite, but as a rule of thumb keeping the gameplay in more focus have been the best solution.

Final version

Damogron Twitch branding FINAL

Final version

Yet again there’s not that much difference between the final version and Preview 2. But one thing that did change was the letter N. Luckily since it was a shape layer I could use the Selection Tool and just drag two points and make that letter bigger. All the letters was individual as well so I didn’t have to worry about affecting them and instead only focus on the letter N.

Damogron Twitch branding final 2

Final version, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube

Lastly I also wrote a 3 page long marketing/social media strategy guide for Damogron. I haven’t gone that deep before with that but it’s something that I’m going to keep doing. As a side not those pages can range from a 1 page to whatever is necessary. It all the depends on what’s  needed for that client and what is needed to get that client going in the right direction.

I’m hanging out in the r/Twitch Discord channel and to be more specific I’m in the #Designer and #Advice the most. Using it partly as a marketing tool but mostly to help and guide those that want some help. Already given out some great advice so don’t be afraid to pop by and ask a question. Even if I’m not there there’s a ton of other people and designers there that I’m sure are willing to help out.

You can as always also reach me on Twitter @visiblespeech




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