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Case study: Tashnarr Twitch branding

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I’ve probably mentioned Tashnarr in the past, and that’s for good reason, since I did have a brainstorming session with her. She also ended up being a partnered streamer a few months after that meeting… now I’m not going to proclaim that our brainstorming session was the main factor, and I did tell her during that talk that I knew that she had potential to become a partnered streamer with only a few adjustments, if all of those adjustments I suggested were implemented or not is another question but the fact is that she ended up being a partnered streamer.


Tashnarr is a so called perler and streamers under the Twitch creative banner. She has re-created a lot of pixel art related stuff but also other steamers emotes and such, and that’s how you network properly.

Perls where also the thing that I wanted to bring into the concept and have hints towards it throughout the brand. Now there’s a few different ways you can go about, you can either be really on the nose or you can hint at at. I’m 100% for hinting at something over being on the nose sine that also allows the streamer to do other things besides only that. There’s of course ways of circumvent this with different means but in this case hinting at it would work the best.

The colors that we wanted to find where something colorful yet not loud. This is often a difficult path to try and find but with the rise of more and more pastel colors over the last couple of years there’s a lot things to take inspiration from. That inspiration you can see in the moodboards below.


Tashnarr Twitch branding

Moodboard 1

For this project there’s actually two different moodboards. The reason for this is that Tashnarr needed business cards in time for TwitchCon. That ment that I needed to expedite the logo and wordmark so to be able to do that process the right way, and quicker, we started by talking only logo and business cards and I created a moodboard specifically for that.

Now for those that know that I don’t like business cards that much Tashnarr actually had a great idea behind her’s, and that’s something that I approve. She had created small companion cubes and inside of those she put mini business cards. All of that would eventually play really well into the rest of her Twitch branding.

In both moodboards you can see that there’s a lot of strong colors but they’re not screaming loud, exactly what we wanted to achieve. You can also see that there’s a lot of circles, open space and dots. When you start to look even further down you’re going to see that a lot of these elements made their way into the final Tashnarr Twitch branding.

Tashnarr moodboard Twitch branding

Moodboard 2

After the logo was created (you can read more about that process below) we started the work for the rest of her Twitch branding. Again we talked a little bit about the whole thing but mostly decided to reuse a lot of the concept that went into the logo. That’s why you can see that there’s a lot of things left from the first moodboard.

That’s also the reason why I wanted to show both of them since it’s an interesting process that I haven’t really seen applied before. In this case it was important even if there where only a few changes made between the moodboards.


Tashnarr sketches Twitch branding


The logo went through a lot of permutations after the sketch but also a few different ones during the sketching process. I ended going into using Photoshop tools to better mock-up a few examples instead of trying to convey with hand drawn circles. That’s why you can see something that looks more like the finished product right between the two sketches.

My reasoning behind this is due to the fact that this would better represent the final product rather than badly drawn little circles. It’s a lot easier to duplicate a lot of similar items rather than trying to do the same by hand, and even if you can duplicate the first hand drawn circle it’s a lot faster to create a circle with the shape tool.

Logo & wordmark

Tashnarr wireframe Twitch Branding


Here you can see the wireframes for the wordmark and logo. As you also can see, and the main difference between the sketches and the final product, there’s a lot less circles and dots. This is due to the fact that when you size it down you lose a lot of details and the circle start looking way too small, and you can see that throughout the Tashnarr Twitch branding.

The construction in general is pretty simple and straight forward, but that’s also what you want from a logo that needs to be easily identified from a distance or quickly be understood by viewers. The circles and dots represent both pearls and ironed pearls (they’re flattened) and together the entire thing creates the plate where you put the pearls on actually. All and all it’s not too much on the nose but there’s enough there for someone that do understand it to get it quickly.

Business cards

Tashnarr business cards Twitch branding

Business cards

Here’s the business cards and as you can see I created an asset that can be used in different ways for the front of the business card. To be clear these are the larger versions of the business cards and not the mini versions. I don’t have away to mockup the smaller ones but they’re fairly similar but do use space in a different way.

I actually don’t use Illustrator to create business cards (it’s not a program made for that) but instead using InDesign. Adobe InDesign is program that is created and made for print, and as far as I know business cards are printed (at least these would be). It allwed me to create the work area in the exact space and import the bleeds and other marks so I knew something wouldn’t fall outside or look weird in the end product. I could also save out a PDF that was ready for print and that I knew the printers would accept without fail.


As always we start with showing a few things that can represent the direction. This is to mediate the chances of having to do revision down the line. To me it’s important to have the dialog going not only in text/audio but also in visual aid. By doing this the streamer is involved along the way without having to micro manage anything and they can just sit back and focus on their stream career instead.

You’re going to see a few things change from these previews to the final Twitch branding. To be specific about these three the in-game overlay, and by an extension the alerts, the chat box was removed and the alerts shrunk down in size. The panels stay almost the same but of course more where added and a few more different alternatives was also added (I do include PSD files in the final package so Tashnarr can make changes and re-use the different versions). I really do think that using different sizes of Twitch panels will the norm. You can read more about why that is in this “Call to Action explained” article written by me. The starting card changed slightly and a “current game” window was added so Tashnarr can put different things in that box to showcase what the stream of the day is about.


On the starting screen you have a countdown. It wasn’t supposed to included but it fit in so nicely that I decided to put it in and also include a custom coded countdown. That countdown is pretty simple and can either be used as a full card or be moved around so you can put it wherever Tashnarr wants. This way she don’t have to try and find a additional plugin to OBS or xSplit to get going with something as simple as a countdown. The benefit of having a custom coded countdown is that it can be manipulated in many different ways.

Final product

Below you can see the changes that were made from the preview. As you can see everything has the same look but not without feeling as if everything has it’s own thing. You can see more of the alternatives to the Twitch panels, even if there’s one more that is between the two sizes. Those panels are of course based in the amount of information is needed on them or if there should be text below it instead.

You should be able to tell that after the moodboard it went to the preview but after that the preview steered mostly the direction of the final Twitch branding.




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