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Case Study: Tarn Twitch Branding

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Tarn is a avid streamer that needed to have a more directed branding moving forward as a Twitch Affiliate. The project contains both custom animated alerts, CSS animations for his overlays and even a solution when images won’t properly work anymore. This is the case study for Tarn Twitch branding.

Tarn Twitch branding Brief

Tarn already had a logo that he wanted me to keep working with. However we did talk about having a different font that would better match the direction of his stream. In my opinion the font that he currently was using didn’t match the logo and didn’t give the right impression.

Another thing we discussed was the color. Tarn knew that he wanted to keep the blue but still wanted to explore something that could add a bit more color to it. You’ll see in the moodboard and the previews how I handled that.


Tarn Twitch branding Moodboard


As you can see I’m using a modern approach but still with a playful addition. You can also see that I’ve taken the liberty to add in a bit of color. Even if these aren’t the colors that we’re going to end up with it’s always a good idea to have some colors to kickstart the discussion about colors once the moodboard is presented to the client.

Things that stood out to Tarn was just the colors, the bottom left with the triangles as progression, the iconography and the playful geo-shapes in the lanyards.

We also talked a bit about the color blue. Since as you can see that is not present in the moodboard. This was a choice of mine since I already knew that he had a direction in mind for the main color. I also knew that if he brought it up again that means that it’s big concern meaning that it should be my concern as well.

Preview 1

When we had talked about the things in the moodboard I got to working on a few previews. For those that have read my articles in the past you already know that I do it to give a great first look at the direction. It also serves as a great way to collect thoughts after the moodboard to see if it’s on the right path.

Above you can see these previews that I sent to tarn. As you can see I used the blue as a main color combined with a strong yellow. These two colors are of course complimentary on the color wheel. This makes them ideal to combine. The yellow also has the benefit of being eye-catching and that lends itself to be expressive when needed.

In the alerts image you can also see that I included some note on the custom Twitch alert animations. These are getting more and more common as those in the Twitch Affiliate Program want to stand out more so than ever before. The animations are mostly available in Muxy and not in StreamLabs. StreamLabs, at the moment, are really bad when it comes to creating some unique easily. If you keep reading you’ll see these alerts in action further down.

Final version

Above you can see a all of the things that was included in the final package. All of them have a very specific design language to really capture the essence of Tarn Twitch branding.

Not only that but all of it does include custom CSS animations. If you would tune into Tarn’s Twitch channel after today you’re going to see things being animated. You might think that those are videos BUT the truth is that they’re not. They’re all CSS based animations. This means that they’re easily changed and updated with having to hire a video editor every time you need a small update.

On the IRL card you can also see that I have schedule on it. Nothing super uncommon, right? However this isn’t an image or any regular card. This is actually text that you can edit. That means that it can be updated at anytime without having to open up Photoshop or having to import an image.

This way Tarn don’t need to worry about resizing things or editing the background depending on how long or short a game is. It will all calculate this on it’s own. This will always benefit both the streamer and the viewers. This is why tools like StreamEvolve will take the dynamic overlays into something affordable and accessible for anyone. It will make it so that your overlays will have life and you can sit back and focus on streaming instead.

Animated Twitch alerts

Tarn Twitch Alert Bit


Tarn Twitch Alert Tip


Tarn Twitch Alert Subscriber


Tarn Twitch Alert Host


Tarn Twitch Alert Follower


Dynamic overlay design solutions

There’s also a bunch of things that are and that are ready to be turned into dynamic things as the technology becomes available. Heading into this project both of those things was very important. Things like having the box art, editable schedule, game title, countdown and CSS animations to allow for a visual impressive impression.

Everything also had the benefit of serving for the future and that it all can easily be ported into StreamEvolve or something custom made. Even if there future isn’t here just yet dosen’t mean that you can’t be ready for it when it comes.

New start of the week and when you read this I’ve looked at an apartment that I’m thinking about buying. I got the loan from the bank so I’m all good on that front. Now it’s time to start bidding on finding the right place.

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