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Case study: Steven Lumpkin Branding

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Steven Lumpkin Branding

Steven Lumpkin is probably most known for doing RollPlay with the itmeJP team. Recently he took the step into streaming, and successfully so, and are today a streamer. He’s also a game developer, foodie and all around nice guy. Those are also some of the aspects that we had to bring into the visual branding. While personal branding is a very important for a lot of smaller streamers bigger ones that have already figure that out don’t need to re-invent but rather it’s about working with that personal brand and extending it and making it greater.


We chatted over Skype from the start, we got introduced so it easier that way, instead of using the form. We ended up on pretty much the same page from the start. Luckily I’ve tuned in into Steven Lumpkin’s stream before, and also his Twitter, so I had a bit of an idea of what his stream was all about. What we ended agreeing that his brand is scattered but not all over the place. He have certain “shows” that he puts on, by that I mean named streams and that’s a great thing for branding since you can build on top of that and expand that even further. I talked about how to extend with other value here.

One thing became clear and that was that what was needed was a clean and modular approach. We also came to the conclusion that no avatar was needed and only a personalized logo. The focus was on “modern classic gentleman”. Utilizing his taste for good food, being a game developer and personal style.

Moodboard x 2

Steven Lumpkin branding moodboard

My moodboard

As always I created a moodboard after our conversation collection images that I felt would go nice the things we had discussed. I showed it to Steven Lumpkin and he had actually prepared his own moodboard with Pintrest. Whenever a streamer have a clear vision, and when it lines up with mine, it’s slam dunk. I combined both of the moodboards to not get overwhelmed with too many things I selected the images that I felt spoke the same language that we had talked about.

I used the moodboard I had created to pick out a few colors, was inspired by the iconography (read more about that later), and the metro style from mine as well.

From the one Steven Lumpkin had collected I picked up on big photos (great to evoke a certain feeling, I could write a article about why that works so well), additional colors and the metro style I had already picked up so took some more inspiration from that.

Steven Lumpkin branding moodboard

Steven moodboard

I think you can clearly see that we where both on the same path on a lot of things from there start. There are of course things that I knew wouldn’t work in certain settings. That doesn’t mean that it can never work, but in this case certain things had to be not used for it too feel as if it was cohesive and that it all spoke the right language.

There’s always two things to look at. First being what the client wants and listen to all of their ideas. My job is then to take all of that in process overnight or for a day, then put my spin on it and execute on the combined idea. It’s not to blindly listen to whatever the client wants, but always keep them involved through the entire process and I promise that the outcome will be a lot better.

Steven Lumpkin Logo(s)

Steven Lumpkin branding logo

Steven Lumpkin

I wanted to create a logo for Steven Lumpkin that didn’t look like it was a typeface or some type of shape. Instead I wanted to make more personal, the reason is that this project is all about Steven Lumpkin’s personality and the fact that he uses his real name should really be highlighted.

What you see is not a typface/font or whatever you want to call it. It’s hand lettering, I’ve done some in the past but thought that style would really fit the entire feel. I used Photoshop to draw it with my pen and tablet, then imported it into Illustrator. There I first vectorized it and then used the bloat/pucker/warp tool to change the shape a little just to give some of the letters a more rounded feel.

Steven Lumpkin branding, a designer player

A Designer Plays

There’s also a logo for The Start Menu and A Designer Plays those are kept very simple using typography and shapes. It would be a bit over the top if I would make them something advanced. You’ll see why that is when you look at the previews, but I can say that if I made them more over the top they would standout way too much.


Steven Lumpkin branding, icon outlines

Outline Icons

This is something I don’t talk enough about but for some reason other tend to steal a lot of icons from online. Basically Google, copy and paste. That’s not how we roll here at LiveSpace. Instead I opened up Illustrator to create some customized icons that could be used for the panels.

Steven Lumpkin branding, icons


With these I’m keeping clean, simple and to the point so let’s talk about each icon. First one is the About, simple it’s a person outline with some pretty basic shapes by adding a circle, adding radius to a rectangle, cutting it in half and slightly adjusting the last two points. For the Community Goals it’s pretty much the same approach but adding two more, the difference being that by adding two points and using the Direct Select tool to remove the points that aren’t needed and finally make it a bit smaller. We’ve all seen the calendar to represent the Schedule so I wanted to use something different. As you can see I used the cloud/sun to represent a day of a schedule, simple, effective and new. The RPG Resources List and Developer Resources List icons are both more literal the RPG being a dice and the game developer being two cogwheels. The cogwheel isn’t as complicated to create as it might look. It’s a circle, the star tool with 8 sides and then using Pathfinder to cut out the shape.

Preview 1 & 2

Steven Lumpkin branding preview 1

Preview 2

We had a few previews before we landed on the final version. I wanted to go over these previews since they highlight both how I build things in Photoshop so they’re easy to change. As always there’s not three different previews it’s only different stages and small updates. If you make it right the first time you don’t need to make 2 or 3 different version that you’re only wasting your and their time on.

The first preview shows the intro screen and alerts and panels. We’re still going with the clean look and balancing that with a nature photo (it’s from Life Of Pix, great resource for good public domain photo’s) to bring more life to it that I felt reflected what Steven Lumpkin wanted very well. This photo can be easily changed sine it’s inside of a smart object.

Steven Lumpkin branding preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 2 might look similar but if you look closely there have been a few changes. The names on the logos have changed, the color of the panels have changed and the zero in Slient0Siris have ha more defined line through the zero to not be confused with a O. I’ve also changed the typeface for the countdown. It look so much better with the Sitka typeface, it just looks better in contrast and I just don’t like how the 1 looks when you use Franklin Gothic like that.

No Photoshop solution

As you can see in the third preview. There are white squares, these squares are not white they’re transparent. Since Steven Lumpkin don’t have access to Photoshop I thought up an idea that’s very similar to how I do the RollPlay overlays.

With this setup Steven Lumpkin can use the built in image in either StreamPro or any other overlay service, or he can add a OBS native slideshow of images.That way he can use whatever program he likes to edit photos or take them directly from his own Instagram account.

Final version

Steven Lumpkin branding, final version

Final version

Here you have the final version! I actually told Steven Lumpkin that it would take a few days to get it ready but the creative juice started flowing. Ended up being done in a few hours with the entire thing.

As you can see there’s a camera frame, that takes a lot from the alert notifications. There’s also three new cards, one being the full screen camera. I think that looks great. It has the look and feel of the starting screen but looks different enough to still be interesting. The same goes for the break screen, here we let you see the image and you can relax, stretch your legs or get something to drink. Steven Lumpkin actually uses a countdown when he does breaks so that was worked into the overlay. Lastly there’s a alternative version of the starting screen for RPG Prep.

With this clean look we will be able to add more windows, well you can add two more, and the ones that’s there can be replaced. After all that’s the point of having something that’s more modular… sort of like the IKEA of overlays.

I was at a start-up meet-up in the city earlier today as well. It was very interesting and the things you can transfer over from business start-ups and starting a stream a very similar. I probably could both write an article about it but probably already start helping companies with ideas, marketing, storytelling and branding around the digital space. I’m probably going to go to more of these type of events and talk about Twitch and what I do around Twitch. Ever since I started the podcast I’ve improved the way I interview/network with start-ups and how I can problem solve right on the spot… I want to do a call-in show or something similar at the end of the year/Christmas.



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