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Case Study: RollPlay Wicked Thimble Twitch Branding

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Often every time when I do these RollPlay case studies I call them “Twitch overlay” project. However in this case I actually did a lot more than I usually do so I think it deserves a bit more attention. From creating a logo, analyzing the context and creating a Twitch brand around/with it.


This is a great opportunity to understand how you can approach your own context as well. The reason being is since Wicked Thimble is a continuation of Dodgers last RollPlay show Feast of Famine.

As with your brand it has some baggage from the past. Both in content and style. In this case I wanted to drop the style since the last one was more themed towards being class Dungeon & Dragons style. But one thing that I noticed while watching (and re-watching) Feast or Famine was how anime inspired it was.

I took that concept instead and ran with it. That’s how look at your current content and make adjustments that fits both the narrative and the story that you want to tell. As you can tell it’s not that much to it but unless you take that time to reflect and look at it with fresh eyes you’re not going to get it right.


RollPlay Wicked Thimble sketch


Since I decided to start over I couldn’t reuse the old logo so instead I sat down and started to sketch down a new logo. As you can see it’s a rather simple sketch with not that much to it in reality.

I wanted to keep it rather flat, and of course cute, to keep that anime aesthetic. At the same time I am not an anime style designer at all. I kept it all in the more modern and clean illustration realm. It might not be appear in the sketch but as I move it into Illustrator you’ll start to see what I mean.

RollPlay Wicked Thimble logo


In Illustrator I’m able to use shapes to give the sketch structure. In this case it’s compiled of some very simple shapes. It’s never the amount of shapes or how complex they are that will define the end result. At times keeping it to a minimum will allow you to get the most out of it.

As you can see it dosen’t even have any shadowing yet it’s able to clearly convey the message.

I decided that I more rounded font would speak better to the crazy atmosphere that was display in the first Feast or Famine. It also went will with the mostly rounded edges on the thimble and the thumb.


For the rest of the assets I really only create three different assets. The first asset is the wooden background that you see. That’s simply three different colors to create depth and get that wooden texture. Then for the boards I reused that same texture and created some rough edges, a slight shadow at the bottom and black dots with a highlight to create sort of a hole in the wood (not sure what that’s called).

The last few assets where simple and was really just created in Photoshop for ease. It was the light colored wood around the cameras to emulate wood that had been chopped. Then the little hexagon shapes with some Photoshop styles applied to make them look like the rest. Finally I created a faux vignetting by using three different large circles, simple yet effective.

I know that I haven’t really been doing anything else than case studies at the moment. I’ll try and get some out before TwitchCon and perhaps after as well, since I think there will be coming out some good content from that. Not that I’m going but there’s always a lot of information that I missed when I was there.

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