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Case Study: RollPlay Star Wars Balance of Power

By 4 April, 2016 No Comments

Another RollPlay related case study and this time it’s for the long awaited RollPlay: Star Wars series. I know that I already made one for the one-shot one and while the original plan was to use that again with some changes we ended up creating something brand new. The reason for that will become clear further down.


RollPlay is a show put together by itmeJP and this time around they’re back in the Star Wars universe (you can read the about the past show with case study here) with the same cast (Strippin, Jesse Cox, itmeJP, Pokket) and Adam Koebel as their Emperor (Dungeon Master). It was revealed at the end of the first show that it’s one part darkside and one part lightside so there’s actually two different overlays that had to be made.

“Sketching” and process

If you not familiar with my style of creation when it comes to RollPlay or roleplaying shows I don’t do normal sketching. What I do is “blocking” where I basically with shapes layout the entire overlay as a base. Imagine working with lego blocks that you then can paint to give a new look.

In Potoshop I use shape layers (so I can change color on the fly) to do the layout. When I have a something that I know will work I start to paint over each piece with a highlight and shadows. That gives it a three dimensional feel and look as a base. After that I start to apply different brushes and textures to give it more realism. Combine those two and you start to have something that you almost can feel with your own hands.

Everything is drawn by hand. There’s no elements that’s imported from stock images or cutouts. It’s smart usage of lights and shadows with textures and brushes. When you do it this way rather then try to take in things from photographs is that you from the start get the same feel through all of the cards. There won’t be that one thing that stands out since the light is coming in from a different angle or that has a different type of grain etc. Instead I have full control from start to finish using this process.

Light and dark

Since the name is Balance of Power there’s going to be two version of the overlay. That’s the reason why we couldn’t really reuse the old Roll Play: Star Wars overlays for this one. I decided (I get to influence a lot of things during the creation of the RollPlay overlays) to create something that was easier to “skin”. Instead of having to re-create or create something completely different (since it’s the same show after all) it would now be possible to flip a few switches and get a whole new feel and look.

Thanks to that I’m now able to create the new lightside overlays in under two days (mixed in between other projects) and be done way before the deadline of next show. All of them are done but since this case study goes out before the next show I can really only show the ad that we run on itmeJP’s stream.


We don’t often do animations for long running shows but this show is… IT’S STAR WARS. Therefore we wanted to add a bit of flare to the entire thing. Every card from main, stats, map, profile to title all contain animations. All of these animations are created in After Effects using the built in tools. There’s no extra plugins or stock footage and all that’s used is lightning, blur and glow the get all of the effects right.

Here is where I would add in screenshots from After Effects but as of this moment After Effects don’t want to start. I need to investigate that problem and get that sorted out as soon as possible. However I don’t want to leave you hanging without seeing anything so I’ll link the part of week 1 for RollPlay Star Wars Balance of Power below.

Final version

A very important aspect of these overlays is that we want to show as much of our players as possible. We don’t want to hide them away in a small box so we make use of entire screen, from edge to edge. This initially started when checking the co-optional podcast overlay and seeing how they utilize the entire space. I had to take that another level when having 5 cameras, stats and dice windows AND logo all in one card.

I haven’t seen many roleplaying shows that utilize this type of overlays yet but I hope that they really start using it. You get so much more out of your players emotions and expressions when you have them in bigger camera windows.

In case you watched the entire show in the above video you probably observed all of the cards but in case you want to take a moment to look at them anyway or if you skipped the video here’s the final version.


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What a awesome week so far! And it’s only been 1 day! It’s so freaking amazing that we get to do what we love with Twitch. I don’t ever what this to end and that’s why I’m working on so many things at once.

Right now I have 3 different things cooking and they’re all related to Twitch. I want them to help streamers and I also want them to financially support me and the people involved from the start. I’m always afraid when I hear about “Twitch start-ups” not really understanding the financial and selling aspect of their services. It’s scary and it’s scary because what if they go away? What does that mean for their users (you)?

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