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Case Study: RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay

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Did you watch the roleplaying one shot RollPlay: The Grim? This is how the Twitch overlay for it was created. From initial  mockup to the final render. Follow the process and get a deeper understanding of the creation.


All I got in terms of direction was that it was Dark Heresy that was going to be played. Dark Heresy is a roleplaying game that takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe. Therefore I knew that I needed to look into the many different aspects of that universe. While I had looked into it when RollPlay ran the Dark Heresy series I needed to refresh my mind.


RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay

Adobe Illustrator

Usually when I create a logo I tend to start with a sketch. However in this case I had already created a base, with shapes, in Adobe Illustrator. I did it this way since I already had an idea about how I wanted to construct it. Therefore I was able to circumvent the sketching phase and get to the next step faster.

There’s a bunch of reason why should do the sketch first and there’s equally as many for not doing the sketch first.

RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay

First Pass

After that I was able to pull it into Photoshop and start to work on top of each layer. That way I could apply textures and shadows to get a basic look. This look would of course later change but it’s important to lay down a first pass.

This first pass is supposed to give you a decent sense of direction and a decent way to present the idea to the client.

RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay


I didn’t take any more screenshots along the way. So there might be few steps lost to the final version. What I can say is that it comes down to textures and panting a lot by hand. Every little detail has to be constructed from that initial Illustrator composition. I had a lot of reference images for bolts, metal blades and skulls to get it all looking as real as I could make it.



RollPlay The Grim Twitch Overlay

Twitch Overlay

When I create a RollPlay Twitch overlay I use shapes to map out the space for the graphics and the camera windows.

Here you can also see that I wrote out some ideas for animations. These animations never happened but that dosen’t mean that you couldn’t have that on your version. The reason why they didn’t was due to two things. First that it would have take a lot more time (time that we didn’t really have) and secondly due to it probably taking too much attention.

After the shapes are all in place I started by painting in textures and shadows by hand. I opted not to use any textures for the overlay since that would not really allow me as much possibilities. I did however use a texture in the profile overlay. However it wouldn’t even be recognizable after after adding shadows and my own hand painted texture on top of it.

Final Version

Here you have the final versions. As you can see it all comes together when you start to putting them side by side.

There’s really nothing more to add here. If you have questions feel free to reach out in my Discord. But really the thing here is that a roleplaying overlay does tend to lean more towards the theme of the show. While it would be possible to create something with a more flat and modern style. You would have to at least steer it towards the direction that you have in mind for your show.

Alright that’s it for this week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the two case studies this week and that you come back next week (a lot of next week there).

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