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Case Study: Rizorty

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Rizorty featured image

This project was completed a week before TwitchCon but since I didn’t have a computer with me to San Francisco I wasn’t able to write up something for this. Rizorty is a variety streamer, or at least want to get to that level, he had previously gone to another designer but wasn’t satisfied with the outcome (this happens a lot more often then you might think) before coming to me.


We discussed how to best approach the goals that he wanted to reach by looking at his current viewer base and build on to that instead of trying to create brand new one. It wasn’t something that the previous designer had taken into consideration when making the earlier version so it left the window wide open for the new version.

After watching the content that Rizorty creates I wanted create something that could speak, not only to him as a person, but also create a atmosphere where his audience could feel at home after school or work. So while keeping it kid friendly we still wanted to have a grown feel and color scheme that could suited for all ages.


Rizorty moodboard

Moodboard time again!

I feel that this moodboard speaks to exactly those aspects that I brought up in the previous paragraph. Looking at the illustrations and colors, they’re kid friendly but no childish. The colors a vibrant but not over the top, at least not the ones that I picked out. In the moodboard you can also see that steps had been taken towards the general layout as well. If you look at the Iron Man part of the moodboard you see some sort of time sequence over when the movie airs, or something like that. I knew I wanted to lift that aspect and apply it to a schedule so all ready there those steps had been put into motion.

Sketch to avatar

Rizorty sketch

Sketch to avatar

It has become something that I always do these days and that is to actually start with the sketching before anything else. Well actually I had picked out the colors first but that’s not as fun as actually drawing something.

For the Illustration I used two different reference images of Rizorty, one from the front and one at 3/4 profile. Those two tend to give the best outcome, for me, when drawing illustrations from references. The overall look is very clean and when the final version will all be made in Adobe Illustrator instead of using Photoshop. This way, as I’ve mentioned before, it can be used at any size and with maybe one less color it can be used as proper print as well.


Rizorty preview 1


I wanted to at least present a few more things than only the avatar before I moved on to the rest of the visual branding. Here you can see an additonal illustratons and a bunch of icons. This is where the color scheme that I choose comes into place. Each icon use only those colors and nothing else, well maybe an additional grey and white but no more colors. This gives a cohesiveness that we can keep on using thought the entire project. Since it’s a small palette and again we can use this to do proper printing with it as well. All of the icons and illustrations will of course be used throughout the entire project in different ways.

For those that watched the livestream on Twitch while I was creating this you also saw my computer crash really hard. I had to do some harddrive checking as well before I even could continue working on it. Anyway I’m going to keep streaming when I work of different project, still trying to figure out the best day to do it on, since I don’t want to mess up my regular work schedule and I’m still slightly jetlagged as well.

Here you can also see how I implemented the schedule thing I talked about earlier. I’m going contact Rizorty because I  wanted to create a tutorial video or two specific for what I created for Rizorty. Still there were a lot of things that still needed to be created before this was a completed project.


Rizorty Final

Final version

As you can see in this final version there’s a lot more than in the first preview. A complete set of panels, all kinds of social media, different sorts of avatars etc. Included are both PSD, PNG and Vector files. All good things to have even if Rizorty won’t be using Illustrator anytime soon it’s always a good idea to keep all of the source file for safekeeping.

You can now see all of the assets completed and really see that everything fits together. Not only in style and color but also with the entire feel that we set out from the start to create.

Was working out when I realized that I hadn’t posted this yet and now I really need to sleep -_- zZzZ. I didn’t get the con flu so I’m all good on that front and I’m planning my lecture on Twitch/Marketing/Branding now as well. It got pushed back 2 week so I have time to really plan something out. First time I’m holding a lecture with Twitch in mind, going to be really interesting not only to do it but also to write the notes for it.




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