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Case study: RhinoQT Twitch Branding

By 12 September, 2016 No Comments

RhinoQT actually contacted me a bit back we took our time to develop an e-mail correspondence since I was in the middle of two other large projects. This allowed us both to form a proper understanding of the whole project. This is actually something that I tend to push for when I have full schedule for that month. It’s not only great to form a better image of you for me but also gives time for you to form a better one for yourself.



RhinoQT Twitch Branding Moodboard


Even if we had talked for a few days/weeks before I got started on the moodboard we never really landed on something in particular. While it’s great to have that one thing to go on from the start that’s not always the case and it’s up to me to take all the correspondence (e-mail and direct messages) into consideration as I start putting together the moodboard.

As you can see what I’m going for here is a mix between grunge, clean and tribal all in one. If you’re new designer or you’re trying to do something like this on your own I would be careful about how you approach it. It’s always better to know all of the basics before you start to break rules and mix different styles. Understanding the limits, benefits and drawbacks of all the styles will allow you to get more out of it. If you’re not careful you’re going to end up with branding that’s all over the place and can’t hold the direction clearly from the first second.

Logo and sketch

As always I start with the logo since that’s the main focus and often set the pace and style for the rest of the branding. I start by drawing it all out in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet with rough sketching that I can show to the client. Even if you’re going to see this in three stages below I don’t actually send three versions at once. I rather focus on getting it right from the start and doing adjustments according to the conversation around each sketch.

RhinoQT Twitch Branding Sketch


As you can see the sketch takes stages to becoming more and more simplified until we have something that’s stylish yet unique in approach. At the final stage, with the scar, we start talking a lot about features that can explain the background without over explaining something. Here’s an important note that anyone can take with them from this article. A scar isn’t (or damaged horn) isn’t becasue RhinoQT has a scar (or damaged horn) but instead it’s symbolism for the past. When you create a logo or mascot it’s not about making it look like you but rather take on the personality and history that’s you. That’s how you form a better understanding of a Twitch branding.

As you can see in the final version the scar turned into a damaged horn and the rough lines turned into clean lines with some shading mixed in to give it more life. All of this is important since this logo is supposed to go on prints in the future so it has to have the ability to look good both in color and without color.

Hand drawn font

This is where I usually talk about the first preview and show images from that moment. However I actually (for whatever reason) saved over them with the final version. They’re pretty much the same anyway since we moved directly from them to the final version without any major adjustments.

So instead I want to talk about the hand drawn aspects a little before I move onto the final stage. As you can see in both the name and the panels there’s a hand drawn font there and while you can go out online and find a hand drawn font they’re never going to be able to look better than actually hand drawn letters.

Using my Wacom tablet I tried out a few different brushes that I have and landed on one that I liked. Now this brush had a lot of features in it that created texture. While that makes it look really good in raster it’s not going to look that good when you want them as vectors or if you want to have a specific effect. What I did instead of using the raster version was to copy them over into illustrator and using the trace option. Created a preset that would take out the white background, keep the brushstrokes but remove the grey areas and have it all in one solid color.

After that I transported that back into Photoshop so I could manipulate them easier and also allow RhinoQT to use them in any size he wanted, if that’s ever something that we wanted to do.

Final version

Looking at the complete package you can get the whole concept for RhinoQT Twitch branding of being both clean, rough and tribal all at the same time. It’s not overused and it’s not understate at the same time. Using a lot of elements in different ways allows it to give a familiar feel no matter what part of the brand you run into. If I would add too many different images or too many different patterns it would end up being cluttered and non recognizable.

You an also see the grunge effect and with the usage of Blend if I can get the background effect to shine through into letter and logo. On top of that being careful not to make anything unreadable, and as a tip for that always keep the first letter readable and the rest will follow naturally since our brains fills out the rest.

The loading bar is actually animated in CSS. It’s not the most difficulty coded thing in the world and is really just two bars with a border that’s animated over each other. It does give a really cool effect to a more minimalistic and clean design than a countdown.  Since it’s all coded in CSS that also means it can easily be changed both in color and for how long it “loads”.

Thank you for reading this! Going to have a few more things coming your way very soon. I’ll probably release the loading bar to those that are on the newsletter in the coming week or something like that.

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