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Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding

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Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding

Rexadoodle does storytelling gaming and only storytelling gaming so therefor I we wanted that to be a part of the Rexadoodle Twitch branding. You should check out her channel if you’re into that type of gaming and I hope that you’ll enjoy her commentary. It’s always interesting to work with someone that have such a good direction in mind when they stream. It allows to go in with a certain mindset and that’s what we expanded on with this project.

The brief

We started with having a conversation over e-mail for a bit and then took it to Skype to do two interviews. One before the moodboard and one after the moodboard, this time we actually did it with voice instead of chat. That always allows to get a the point a lot quick but isn’t always possible, due to time zones. In this case it worked out very well and I ended up with two A4 pages of drawing and writing that I wanted to incorporate into the project.


Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding moodboard


When creating the moodboard I wanted to focus a lot on storytelling and characters, adding the possibility for Rexadoodle to create her own story within the Rexadoodle Twitch branding. While we discussed a lot of colors during the start but as you can see there’s a lot of earthy colors. That was one of the big changes from the moodboard to the final version.

As you can see there’s a lot of focus on hand drawn and a lot focus on animals, that’s because during Rexadoodles streams her dog Rex and her cat Antonio tends to come appear on her stream from time to time, to the delight of her viewers.


Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding Sketch

Sketch to first preview

I tend to try and get the logo or avatar started first, that we I can get a pretty good overview over how the final product can come together. The avatar tends to be the main focal point anyway, so having that done before anything else sets a great start.

I drew the sketch at very high resolution so I then could use it many different was as possible, the same goes for the sketches for Antonio and Rex. I wanted to maintain the hand drawn style so by using different bristle brushes to create the overall look. I’ve I think I’ve had my drawing table for about 5 or 6 months now, maybe less, and I’ve gotten pretty used to the feel of it. So creating these, while not easy, was a lot easier then they would have been before that.

By applying different techniques both in blending, drawing, and using multiple different brushes I was able to real give all of the different illustration a certain look. I also ended up having to redo the hair on Rexadoodles sketch, reason being that it didn’t look right and that’s of course something that you have to take into consideration. At the end it’s the client that’s going to be using it that have to be comfortable with the entire look.


Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding preview


In the preview you can see all of the things mentioned above, sans the hair change. At this point in the process it still haven’t gotten that final touch, and if you compare the final version with this preview. You can see that by adding the final details you can really see and feel the difference.

In this case the preview was mostly used to give a some insight into how far I had gotten in the process. I usually don’t show a preview until I have a few more things done, but in this case the sketching took longer then anticipated so I at least wanted to show Rexadoodle something, that we could adjust and get on the same path. That’s also when we noticed the hair thing and after that I went back in and really started to dig deep to get everything look the way I had envisioned it.


Let me talk a little bit more about all of the drawings. I mentioned the techniques used to create them but what I didn’t mention was how to maintain a certain style, even if it’s a style you’re not used to and in some cases the very first time you’re using that style. What I tend to do is work from reference images, that was I can constantly look at the image to get certain features look the right way.

We did that with Rexadoodle and she sent over 3 pictures of herself and of Antonio and Rex. That was I could keep them on the same workspace as I was doing both the sketching and drawing on. I even color picked from them directly to get certain colors feeling just the right way.

Maintaining the same style can be a very tricky thing, but that’s why we keep the moodboard around. I constantly keep that open in a new Photoshop tab, and in some cases I move it over the my second monitor so I really can get a good overview over both reference and style. As I finish each drawing, either icon or character I move them over to that monitor as well and as time goes on I move away from the moodboard and only focus on what I’ve already created.


Case Study: Rexadoodle Twitch branding Final


Here you can see what I mean by adding a lot details from the preview version. There’s a lot more life in each section, that’s something that’s very important when it comes to visual storytelling, there should always be a theme and something that you can pick up from each “card”.

In the offline screen we have book, and that’s of course linked to storytelling in the form of a book. Adding Antonio made sense since he’s adorable, and who wouldn’t want to be greeted by that offline screen? Then we have the “intermission” card, in the style of a old movie again going for yet another form of storytelling, and this time adding in Rex, equally as adorable as Antonio.

As you can see I’ve also created icons that are also hand drawn, using the same principles as the other drawings. Again I wanted to maintain a certain style and feel throughout the entire project. Even if the icons won’t appear super large in the panels section they also got made in high resolution, so if there’s ever an time when they’re needed for anything else they can be used various sizes.

Sometimes I think that what I’m about to write is going to be a short article but they always tend to end up at around 1000 words.

Anyways what I’m really hyped about is a project that hopefully will see the light at the tail end of January, if you like or even if you only kind of like this blog you’ll love this thing! I’m also working on starting new series of posts on Twitter, not sure if it’s going to be a weekly thing or not, but I’ve created 3 things for it already so that will also start at the beginning of next year. If you want to see when that happens, since it’s on Twitter, you might want to follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech




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