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Case Study: RemarkableMe Twitch Branding

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RemarkableMe Twitch branding

RemarkableMe is a partnered Twitch streamer from Sweden. He’s aiming to to dig deep into a specific survival game H1Z1 Just Survive. It’s been awhile since I wrote about a streamer that does a specific game. I’ll give some insight into how to create a brand that’s both geared towards a specific game and at the same time create it so that it’s individual with possibilities for the future as well. That’s what was done for the RemarkableMe Twitch branding.


RemarkableMe Twitch branding moodboard


This moodboard was very interesting to put together. I talked with RemarkableMe for awhile over Discord to get a good feel for him and the project. Key things during those moment were to figure out what was inside of RemarkableMe’s brain. The thing is that they might not even know what that is before that or they might not know how to express what it is.

That’s here I come in to translate whatever their answers are to my questions into colors, design and finally a brand. First all of those ideas are turned into a moodboard that allows me and RemarkableMe to better talk about the visuals for the RemarkableMe Twitch branding.

As you can see it has this structured yet wild look to it. The idea from me was to use the wild part of it to lead into the more survival gaming thing. Then contrasting that with the more clean look that would be more represented in anything RemarkableMe and that’s what you’ll also see in the logo.


RemarkableMe Twitch branding sketch


With the logo I knew that I wanted the more clean look to contrast the wilderness look. Already here I even started to think about how the animations would eventually come together.

If you take a look at the RemarkableMe Twitch branding moodboard you can see that I’ve placed a few inspirations pieces for the logo as well. These are what I went on when I started to get into sketching it up.

After I had shown it to RemarkableMe and had it approved I copied the sketch over into Illustrator to get started on the construction. As you can see I started to do a few different version for it. I knew that I wanted and needed to do that since I wanted to use them in different was for the brand and for the alerts as well.

You can also see that I’ve made some mock-ups for a snapback and a hoodie concept. These are there to show RemarkableMe the potential in what eventually will be the RemarkableMe Twitch branding. This might seem trivial but actually seeing the logo used in real life situations will allow the streamer to better envision it.


When the logo was done I moved on the actual brand. I the preview I create a few things that can represent the entire brand. It also serves as the base for the rest of the cards, overlays and so on. Basically it’s doing a lot of work without doing all of the work. This helps to steer the branding direction in the right way before steering too far out from the port.

As you can see in the RemarkableMe Twitch branding it does take a lot of the raw and wild into consideration. From ropes, wood, field notes and paper. All of this to create a narrative that this is survival but without going overboard. For instance adding a guns and other weapons would more so push it into a very specific pocket of gaming. While we do want to keep it narrow it should still leave it open for other games.

Final Version

Here’s the full version of the RemarkableMe Twitch branding. It’s taking the things from the preview into the final version. Using some of the same assets and some things are altered to make more sense. If you feel that some of those little bars are out of place they are actually animated in the final project.

That does bring me to the animation point of these. Not only are those bars animated but even the rope and the book animated on to the screen. All of this to create some movement whenever these get activated. These are not over the top animations in any way but rather subtle animations that just gives a bit of motion.

Animated Twitch Alert

Finally I want to show the alerts in full force. I decided to split the logo into smaller pieces and then have those pieces fly in to build up the logo. I then used a drop shadow effect on the boxes with a bit of offset timing to give it more organic feel. By then using different color setups and different logos it created the basis for the alert for the RemarkableMe Twitch branding.



RemarkableMe Twitch branding

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that you enjoyed reading a bit about what goes into creating a Twitch brand for a streamer.

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