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Case Study: RallySec Twitch Branding

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RallySec Twitch branding

RallySec is a tech security podcast with 8 people. They’re making their move into Twitch with their podcast to reach a different audience. For this they wanted to have a new brand to be able to move forward properly. They had a logo that they wanted to have remade and a the color scheme of red and blue. With that as the focus the next step was to come up with the RallySec Twitch branding.


RallySec Twitch branding moodboard


As you can see the moodboard is slightly less populated than normally. The reason for this isn’t due to me not adding more things. But rather this is the second stage where I’ve taken out the things that they couldn’t really see themselves moving forward with for the RallySec Twitch branding.

If you do take a closer look you can even see that one of them has a lower opacity. This is becasue one of them said that they liked it but only for the design and not the colors. That’s the reason why it’s lowered so that I don’t forget that it’s less important than the rest for the RallySec Twitch branding.

One of the things that they wanted was to have slightly darker colors. I did however know that it would be hard to use red and blue with that. Specially blue since it’s a color that tends to get lost on top of black. So I knew that using a lot of contrast would create a much more interesting concept.

Logo and Sketch

Logo sketch RallySec Twitch branding

Logo Sketch

The logo went through a few stages but this one is the final sketch that they approved. As you can see it’s a sketch of a man stepping from one side to the other. This was an important imagery for them since that’s how they see their podcast at it’s core message of moving forward and taking a step towards better security.

One thing to keep in mind when there’s a lot of voices — and in this case it were 8 voices — is to sometimes take the backseat for a bit and listen. Then with that information trust your own instincts and experience to be able to filter it into something.

One of the major changes was going from the more rounded corners to straight angled ones. Even if it might sound minor it made a huge difference. It allowed the logo to from having soft look to having a much more tech inspired look. It also ended up being very well balanced with the circular middle.

Above you can go through a few logo mockups of the final logo. This is something that I’ve decided to start doing for clients. It’s not that I’m making the merchandise for them but rather showing that might be possible with the brand. I do believe that this gives better insight into what it both might look like as a logo but also gives them inspiration towards making the merchandise at some point.


Here you can see a few of the previews for the RallySec Twitch branding. This gives, again, gives better insight into what brand might actually look like instead of just a flat image.

In the starting card you can see that I’ve added both a loading bar and a percentage. My thought was to create both of these using CSS and JS. Then allowing the client to be able to change the length of the countdown and have the percentage correspond automatically.


Here you have the whole RallySec Twitch branding in one spot. Since I knew that the logo had a lot of things going on it I wanted to make it the start of the show. Using it more as a large graphic rather than just something to put on there. It sort lives and exists on in the cards.

I did a lot of animation work on the cards as well. Besides having the loading bar and percentage animate up. I also made a few of the “pixel clouds” animate. To give it more of an organic feel I separated each “pixel segment” and had them animate individually. I also added a bit of an animation side of the diamond shape that pulsated forward.

I hope you liked what you read and what you saw in this article. Twitch is a super interesting place and there’s always room for new ideas and streamers.

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