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Case study: Onikaji Twitch branding

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Onikaji is a Nintendo 3DS Twitch streamer. Or rather that’s the aim as soon as all the right equipment arrives from China. Until then he wanted to get it right with graphics and personal branding and set that on the right path. When he can get the 3DS part of his branding up and running it will change a lot of things but what it won’t change is who he is and the way he want to portrayed.

Moodboard for Onikaji Twitch channel

Onikaji Preview 1Wanted to go with a more technical and clean yet simplistic layout and focus on the gaming instead. As you can see there’s no real color running though the moodboard but instead more of a certain style. Important to note that this isn’t something that’s set in stone, and I’m saying that because a few of the things in this moodboard did get lost eventually. The reason behind that is simple, it didn’t work together. That happens sometimes and while that might feel bad that something don’t make the final cut. It’s for the best and it’s to get the optimal outcome and not compromise what we’re set out to do from the start.

Another important thing is that we wanted merge three styles. Sounds sort of impossible even for me when I first decided to even do it. One being a more professional, one being educational and one being fresh. Why I bring that up here is because I feel that fresh and professional isn’t that well represented in this moodboard but will come into play later.

First preview and figuring things out

Onikaji previewSummer finally hit Sweden. The bad thing about that? My allergies (T_T), literately my face every evening. I kept working early morning to try and combat this as much as possible, so far all the medicine I’ve tried only makes me tired and unable to work at all (if anyone knows anything good let me know! Please!).

Besides allergies I kept working and making the most of the time I was able to get out the preview and get a better understanding if we’re headed the right way.

As you can see I got pretty far with this preview and almost everything is there already. One thing that didn’t really work was the middle “emotion” and it looked a bit too much when looking at the overall picture. We decided on a avatar with less of a grin and more of a neutral smile.

Onikaji preview 2Another thing worth to note is that the design is very minimal. Utilizing lines to create a open space. I know that some Twitch streamers like to full up as much as possible and that they feel it’s a bit empty. However my personal opinion, I still fill the space if it’s requested, is that when done right open space used the right way can very effective.

I created icons specifically for this, so they’re hand crafted and therefor kept the exact same style as the rest of the branding. If you start to go away from your branding only because you’re not sure about how to make icons, you’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. The reason why I think that is that they’re such an important, often overlooked, aspect. They can really make and break the complete branding. If it goes even a little bit away from the overall feel they will derail it pretty fast.


If you remove the illustration from the preview above you will get something that’s only professional looking and clean. That was only one part of what I wanted to achieve with Onikaji. The other part was to maintain a certain fun aspect and by having a rounded avatar that really stands on it’s own. Keeping it very kid friendly in a way, to go with the 3DS theme playing that will happen later on.

Onikaji from sketch to final avatarsI do think it’s great that Onikji ins’t waiting until then to start. Instead opting to get a feel for streaming, getting used to what it’s like to be in front of the camera and a bunch of other skills that he can develop/master until he’s able to stream 3DS gaming.

If you look at the outline version (the one in the middle) the illustration is composed of very simple shapes. The benefits on that came when changing the face into different emotions, moving the eyebrows, eyes and changing the mouth was the only change needed. It will also come into play in future when adding more emotions or doing cartoon animations will come in very handy.

CSS Animated info panel and NightDev CSS

For the last part I wanted to do some very simple CSS panel to display a information bar (it will display game IP and Pin code, for 3DS gaming) right on top or anywhere else Onikaji feels it’s needed. Over the last month I’ve been sharpening my CSS skills and started to read up on Node.js while also contacting local Node.js programmers. All of those things/people will come in handy in the very near future.

Final Onikaji branding

Onikaji FinalWhen looking at the final version of everything you can really get a sense of the entire thing. Sometimes it’s not until you put everything next to each other it really clicks. It this case it was clicking from the start but when I look at it now I get this sense of greatness. Not because I did a great job, but because it fits Onikaji perfectly, who he is, what he wants to do with his stream and from professional to Nintendo.

Me and Onikaji isn’t done yet! We’re both waiting for the 3DS thing to happen in the near future. That would mean a few adjustments but overall not a total re-branding. I will keep you all updated as it comes along but for now Onikaji is streaming and will be streaming until that next phase kicks into place.

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