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Case study: Mr Odd

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I worked on the Mr Odd branding awhile ago but we waited until a appropriate time to push the change out across all of his channels. Mr Odd is a YouTube personality that are making the transition to stream on, with YouTube Gaming make it’s impact we might have to make a few minor adjustments depending on the future.


I’m going to do this how I remember it and not try to go back and look at all the logs. Why? Testing out my memory is fun and you get a raw insight into how long a project stays and still is worked on in the subconscious.

Me and Mr Odd started, as most, with a exchange of e-mail where he had a few questions about Twitch and about how to make the smoothest transition. I gave him all of the input that I had especially on camera, alerts and viewership. Smaller things at first, since we hadn’t started working together yet but still wanted to give some guidance and not just throw out a price. We then further discussed the style and feel, since this wasn’t only going to be a translation but a complete re-brand. Re-branding can be very tricky. And we both wanted to be sure that it was the right move. If you look at what I did with Eat My Diction, while it is a re-brand it still keeps a lot of influences from what came before and updating and adapting things to work for the future (by the way I’m pushing out a new update right now for that using HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

After listening to Mr Odd about where he wanted to take his brand in what ways he had envisioned, and everything was agreed upon. We took to Skype and I started to work on the moodboard so we could end up on the same page before moving on to the project.


Mr. Odd MoodboardAs you can see the moodboard it’s very bright and clear. The initial idea was to go very fun, bright and using  bigger scope of colors. Bold, professional, fun and a focus on minimalism. Me and odd discussed the moodboard over Skype to see if we where on the same page. He brought up a few extra things for instance the color scheme, he did this a bit into the creation actually but it worked out fine as I’ve only started to work on the layout and not really gotten to the colors yet.

The new colors scheme worked great with what I already had in mind and became one of the focal pints that a lot things pivoted around. For instance the alerts that you will see later takes a lot from those two colors.

Preview 1

Mr. Odd Preview 1One thing that I had in the back of my head was animation. Since Mr Odd have a big focus on YouTube I wanted to bring some life into the avatar/logo instead of keeping it static all the time. The result you can see if you click on the preview. This animation really added to the fun and lighthearted approach rather than keeping it harsh.

The animations will later be used in the break screen and intro screen as Mr Odd gets ready to stream. You might also notice that this preview don’t contain that much, but when you compare it to the final version you will see a lot of small changes. However all of these smaller changes is what really will bring everything together in the end.


Mr. Odd Animation 1Putting the logo and animations in the same paragraph since they have a lot of things related. The concept behind it is to have a “odd shaped” O above a little character. That in this case would be Mr Odd, a big difference between Mr Odds old branding to the new one. However this change is supposed to be drastic and suppose to speak to who Mr Odd is and what content he wants to bring out.

Mr. Odd Animation 2After the sketch I brought that into Illustrator and created all of the assets there. The O actually a modified O from a typeface that I created outlines from and then manipulated to get the right shape. To do the animations I then exported the Illustrator file into After Effects and used the puppet tool. The puppet tool is great when you want to do simple animations, so in this case it worked perfectly. By adding “pins” I could then add keyframes and drag the pins with the timelines to get the right animation. One thing that I carefully took into consideration was how you actually catch a ball or how something would move through a body. All that added to the feel that there was gravity and resistance.’

 Final thoughts

Mr. Odd FinalWhat you see here is the final version. I love this stage, for some reason when you make everything in separate windows the entire scope of the project sometimes get lost a bit inside of your head. But when I put together the last preview, or close to the last preview, for the client I get this feeling of accomplishment. In this case, since this was done more than a month ago (I think) as I look at the final piece right now I’m a bit amazed how good it looks when it’s all next to each other. It’s truthfully a cohesive visual brand that goes very well with what Mr Odd wants to accomplish.

You can see that a few new things also started to appear. For instance the show, the multiple avatars, the Twitch highlights thing and a cute little camera window. There are also small changes, but they’re sadly kind of lost in due to my trying to save space on my host. Anyway we’re still pushing some updates out on this, recently added a subscriber icon and that was actually recommended by one of Mr Odds viewers, I don’t mind user input especially in that case as it came with a handwritten note. You can’t ignore a handwritten note that’s just a bit too awesome.

The LiveSpace Twitch Podcast is now on iTunes! Search for it and add it to your feed etc. I’m editing the next episode tomorrow and it will be out on Tuesday. Working on getting a few new guests, will say more about it on the next episode. What I can say is that I want everyone on the podcast, big streamer or small streamer, depending on what your channel is about I’ll theme the episode around that. It will however always be something around branding, visual identity, marketing etc. it’s not really a gaming podcast after all.



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