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Case Study: MissMangoKitty Twitch Branding

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MissMangoKitty is a variety stream that has a fun and relaxed Twitch channel. It’s not a “come out and hang with me” type of stream that needed the same type of easy and light Twitch branding so that’s exactly what I delivered when it came to the MissMangoKitty Twitch branding.

Brief for MissMangoKitty Twitch Branding

I talked with MissMangoKitty over email at first and then we move over to Discord. We started with a voice chat to speed things up before here Japan trip. We talked about creating a light, modern, fun and colorful brand for her. We also talked about things like patterns, fonts and general feelings on it. You’ll eventually see how all of these things both did and didn’t play a role in the MissMangoKitty Twitch branding.


MissMangoKitty Twitch branding moodboard


This is the second iteration of the moodboard that we created for the MissMangoKitty Twitch branding. Mainly I noticed a difference in the modern aspect from the first moodboard to the second.

The jump isn’t uncommon and is more than welcome. The reason why there’s no issues, and why there’s no right or wrong answers, is because this helps both me and the client to better see the direction. It also helps me to eliminate certain aspects of it. This way I can notice even the smallest of changes that later will take on a large impact.

Avatar and Sketch

MissMangoKitty Twitch branding sketch


One thing you can prominently see in the MissKittyMango moodboard is the avatar inspiration. I was also sent a bunch of images of other styles she liked followed by a bunch of images of herself. This is important since it’s pretty hard to capture someone’s likeness from a web camera inside of stream only.

With the inspiration and the photos of her I started to sketch it out in Photoshop. I actually did some of it during my livestream but since the early process for me is pretty slow  most of it ended up being offline work.

MissMangoKitty Twitch branding avatar

Avatar color test

After getting it approved by MissMangoKitty I took the sketch into Adobe Illustrator to actually create the style. In my opinion using vectors to create these are the best way forward. Not only do you get a very nice look it it’s also infinitely resizable and allows itself to be easily printed.

What you can see here is the first version of avatar. This would later change as we got a later stage in the design process of the MissMangoKitty Twitch branding. Again this is far from uncommon when things around it start to come into place. But I still rather start with the avatar than with the other parts due to it giving all of the ideas from the moodboard time to sink in.

Preview 1

After the avatar was done it was on to create a few of the things that would represent the visual brand. You can see that they have a very colorful and light appearance to them. As you can also see the hair color changed to a more mango color.

We ended having another voice talk since there was a few things that we need to look at together. This is exactly why I have these previews to have point where we can discuss the direction. Then make adjustment accordingly and processed forward with the new ideas.

Preview 2

One of the things that we went over was the colors and the space of things. We needed something that could stand out even more and to contrast that I used a dark color against the otherwise analogous color scheme.

An analogous color scheme is basically that are pretty near each other in the color wheel. Another thing was an adjustment to the font. I used a more rounded and clear font that gave it a more inviting and fun appearance.

Lastly I did adjustments to the style to make it less busy. I removed the mango and the leaf to replace it with a more minimal graphic that could convey the same message but in a different way.

After getting these approved I started to work on the final version with everything included.

Final version of the MissMangoKitty Twitch Branding

Here you can see the full MissMangoTwitch branding. As you can see the analogous color scheme comes to play in many different ways. Not only as the main driving force but also to create different aspects of the design. For instance you can see that the panels have different colors depending on what type of “group” they belong to. Even some of the cards have a different color setup depending on the context.

All in all this was a super fun project to work and it had a lot of twist and turns that made it even more exciting to work on. These are the types of projects that I live for and hope to be able to keep doing for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed the MissMangoTwitch branding as well and that you got something out of this article.

Hope you’re having a great start to the week. We celebrated spring arriving yesterday… I guess… by lighting a fire and watching it burn down… it’s a swedish thing I guess.

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