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Case Study: JustInsanityy Twitch Branding

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justinsanityy twitch branding

Working with the JustInsanityy Twitch branding was a great experience. From the start we we’re able to figure out what could and what wouldn’t work. At the end the JustInsanityy Twitch branding was not only something that I’m proud of but also a brand that I know can stand the test of time.

As with any project it all starts with me asking the client a bunch of questions. This is what truly helps set the direction of the brand. It is at the end of the day what really shaped the JustInsanityy Twitch branding.


JustinInsanityy Twitch branding moodboard


After the questions have been asked all of this takes form into a moodboard. If the questions are the verbal agreement on what the direction and inner thoughts of the streamer is (of course combined with the questions from our intial email and contact form exchange). Then the moodboard is the visual representation of the JustInsanityy Twitch branding.

As you can see in this one we have a lot of clear and precise designs. Going in to this I knew that JustInsanityy liked what I had done with the JoshOG project. From that I knew that there were a few things that I wanted to push into the JustInsanityy Twitch branding.

This isn’t purely minimal. It has slight edge to it that I knew was needed for this project. Another important aspect is colors. As you can see there’s no direct color theme going on here. However from talking with JustInsanityy I knew that he wanted to use an orange color as the main color. I’ll talk more about that in the next section.


JustInsanityy Twitch branding sketch


When it came to the avatar JustInsanityy wanted to have a corgi as his mascot. The same way that JoshOG has a duck. Of course the corgi has very distinct color of orange. So that is the way that the color choice places into both the JustinInsanityy Twitch branding and the avatar direction.

The sketch itself went through a few changes. Initially the thought was to have the corgi wearing a bandana. When I did my sketch I didn’t include it at first since I knew that drawing the corgi without the bandana first. The reason is that it’s easier to figure out how the bandana would be wrapped when I had a clear indication of the structure. It also helps if you ever end up doing any lager adjustments.

That adjustment happened. I quickly realized that the bandana would cover too much of the corgi. Such so that the the main defining features of a corgi was lost. I then talked with JustInsanityy about my concerns and showed a few sketches to show the difference. So we decided to move the bandana down around the corgis neck instead.

I then moved it over into illustrator and started to add style to it. I opted to go for the white eyes. The reason being that it would give a bit more edge to the avatar and in turn give more edge to the JustInsanityy Twitch branding.

When I was done I created a few mock-ups to show what the avatar might look like in different situations. To do this I don’t just send an image I create situations that shows an experience. This is especially true for the snapback and the hoodie where it shows the implementation of the JustInsanityy Twitch branding.


After the avatar got approved I started to work on a few pieces for the JustinInsanityy Twitch branding. This is normal in my process since it allows to get the building blocks together. Those can then be used for the rest and of course changed if needed.

I ran with the clean, modern, technical and clear style. Keeping the main color of orange and using black and white to bring things either into focus or out of focus.

One thing you might notice is that I’ve used JustInsanityy with only on Y. My reasoning is always that your URL isn’t your brand. It never was and it never will be. Can it be helpful? Sure. Does it matter? No. My favorite example (and one that I will keep bringing up) is partnered streamer Jericho, or as his URL says iijeriichoii. However no one, neither fans, brand nor peers refers to him as iijeriichoii—it is and always will be Jericho. This isn’t by chance this by putting that brand out there and standing behind it.

For the alerts I did make an additional change by adding in a red-ish color. The reason is since I wanted to make that particular alert to stand out. Also that color is the same range as the orange so they are able to compliment each other.

Final Version

Since JustInsanity approved the first preview right away I got started on the rest of the JustInsanityy Twitch branding as well. While I did introduce a few new concepts and did some minor changes it all stayed pretty much the same.

loader-gifI do want to talk about the slight animations and the dynamic aspects of the Twitch API that were used. I added some loading animations that allowed there to be some slight movement. Nothing that would take too much attention but something that would keep the attention enough while the stream starts up.

For the Twitch API I’ve finally created my very own script to handle the calls (I did get help from my friend Adrian). This allows me to do a few changes that wasn’t in the original script. The reason why I don’t use that script anymore is due to that Twitch API won’t exist at the end of 2018.

Twitch have decided to move away from Kraken (Twitch API v5) and will now be using, what they call, Helix. The API isn’t completed yet but the things that I need are there. There are few things that don’t function the same as the last one but hopefully a few of those functionalities will be added.

Animated Twitch Alerts

Don’t worry the green background is only there so you can see the white panel. The final alert don’t have the green in there at all.

Everything here is constructed using 1 image and the rest is all code. This allows for future proofing and it allows the client to make smaller changes on their own. It also allows there to be a more fluent process and a implementation of the text animation. Is it as powerful as a pure video alert? Of course not. Does it have flexibility and is it future proof? Absolutely.


As I mentioned this was a super fun project to work on. It left me with enough room to creativity influence it and at the same time enough direction to craft something that really could resonate with the client.

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