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Case Study: GI Toez Twitch branding

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Started working with GI Toez late last month. He actually contacted me way earlier but it wasn’t until now the investment was put into place. Sometimes that’s the case and there’s nothing wrong with that. Streamers save up for equipment so why not for branding? If you ask Twitch the latter can be a lot more important than the first.

After our intial e-mail exchange and investment quote presented we move onto Discord to get to know each other a littleĀ bit better. Actually it’s me getting to know GI Toez as much as possible in a short period of time. That’s how you get the best branding done for anyone. Know who they are, what they want, where they want to go and who they’re streaming for… alright so there’s a lot more than that as well but that’s a good solid start. It’s also something you can’t get from a contact form where you only enter your e-mail, budget and a message.


When we had talked for a few hours combined I had a good picture of who GI Toez isĀ and what he wants to do. After that initial talk we moved on to what clients tend to like the most and that’s the moodboard. What the moodboard does better than anything else is to allow the client to see what’s inside of my head after talking to them. It also allows us to see where there were miscommunication or where there’s more communication needed.

GI Toez Twitch Branding Moodboard


As you can see there’s a lot of military and post-apocalypse influences. These are not random but rather comes from that discussion that me and GI Toez had. GI Toez is former military and he loves playing post-apocalypse games. Now we take that and we start to combine certain things to get something unique and something that can represent GI Toez.

This moodboard contains a lot of hard lines but also a lot of organic shapes. There’s a reason behind this madness and that’s the same thing that allows us to match colors of the opposite spectrum. The same works for shapes when used the right way. I knew that I wanted to have the post-apocalyptic feel and sense that’s not often represented as something just military (recently) but also with a lot of organic elements I wanted to keep that along with the brand.


Since GI Toez already had a avatar (more on how to work that in later) I instead focused on getting him more fitting logo. I wanted to combine the hard lines from the military with the skull symbol. Another thing I took inspiration from was the bio-hazard symbol. As you can see there’s three gaps in the circle around the skull. Those three openings are a reference to the openings in the bio-hazard symbol. To take that further I also, instead of teeth, added in something that looks more like a something bio-hazard dripping from a barrel.


After the logo was made, as always, moved on to create a few of the assets to again see if me and the client are still on the same page. As you can see I’ve taken it towards a certain color scheme and heavily leaning on the organic look in different places. The background is a combination of textures, smoke and illustrated topography map (that I made in Illustrator).

While they’re simple shapes it’s when you start to combine them and add all of the effects that you start to get the whole picture. This whole picture is taken through everything from panels, alerts and cards. That’s also the reason why you, in these case studies, see those first. They together represent a better overall image that can show you what the end project will look like.

For instance on the panels there’s both custom made icons but also the standard social media icons. That’s for that very same reason so the client can see that the style will work both in custom (on brand) and when using the official icons as well.

Custom iconography

Let’s talk a little bit about the custom icons that was created for this project. They follow the same principle as the rest of the brand, not only color but also in philosophy. I can tell you right now that it’s more about the philosophy than the just using the same color when it comes to creating a brand. What does that mean? It means that I wanted to keep with the military theme and that’s why you can see the start, from the logo, makes a return here as well. Combine that with the simple shapes that only in context makes sense you’re starting to get what I’m going for.

GI Toez Twitch Branding



Now that we have all of the building blocks in front of us it’s a matter of understanding what goes where and how things work together. This goes all the way down to how to pair different fonts, what type of font and how to combine the different colors. This is probably the most obvious way I’ve used it in a project but it’s not without reason of course.

The fonts that have been used are a thick one (almost display font) combined with a rounded monospaced one. Both send the military message and allows for an instant connection between everything on the screen combined with GI Toez personality.

For the main color I’ve used a 16bit almost florescent green. Again to reflect the bio-hazardness of the brand but also to really make it standout. During the creation of the starting card I started to notice that it might be taking too much of the space so I decided to introduce two more colors that could easily convey both a strong presence but also a message.

There’s probably no one that don’t associate green, red and yellow with go, stop and hold. That’s also the point of everything from the alerts, cards and the little icons in the background. During that time I introduced a concept on top of the philosophy and that’s why this brand has the ability to resonate a lot faster with the viewer.

To talk a bit more about the colors. The yellow is used during a break but also to represent gold (in the alert) and finally to represent that something is happening on the map in the background. That translates the same for the red to showcase that something even more important (in the background of the cards) and that is reflected in the importance of the subscriber alert as well or when GI Toez is offline. The green becomes the color for when something is good or ready to go. Keeping in mind the other two are hold and stop the green signals that GI Toez are going through games and creating a green zone. That’s how you create a narrative with only a brand.

Did you know that I love the fact that you read this blog? Even if it might not seem like it I want you to understand that if you’re a reader, follower or a previous client I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you vocal or silent support. It’s gone 6 months since decided what I wanted at the end of this year and yet it’s almost already there 6 months in. That means there’s 6 months let for even more awesome stuff to happen! I want them to happen to me but I also want them to happen to you!

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