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Case study: Finlev Twitch Branding

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Finlev Twitch branding

Finlev is a high level Battlerite player and is part of the CLG stream team. He was one of the top-player that was partnered due to skill in a certain game that’s on the rise. The project was fun opportunity and additional insight into the esports scene. In this article you can find out all the steps behind the Finlev Twitch Branding.


Finlev wanted a cool yet minimal as possible brand and visual brand. Something that would speak to both his own likes but also towards the esport aspect of his stream. At the same time something that he didn’t want was the standard “esports overlay” that a lot of streamers tend to end up with. He also didn’t want something that look too edgy.

There was already a logo that Finlev were using. He wanted to keep using that so it was something that I needed to work with. That’s not a problem whatsoever and it’s used as inspiration to get started with the brand as well. This is the start to the Finlev Twitch branding.

Moodboard for Finlev Twitch Branding

Finlev Twitch branding Moodboard


Note that I accidentally used Nearest Neighbour when I resized the inspiration images. That’s the reason why all have a weird hard edge to pretty much everything.

As you can see there a lot of strong color combinations and contrast. You can also see that there’s a lot of open space that allows for a cleaner and more clear look.

One thing that I wanted to do with this moodboard was to convey a clear direction that I felt would fit Finlev. Of course it wasn’t a random assumption. I both looked over Finlevs VOD’s, his initial emails and we also had talk about the direction of the Finlev Twitch branding

Preview 1

Taking the ideas from the moodboard I was able to craft a start to the Finlev Twitch branding that I felt was strong enough to present to Finlev.

As you can see I used the a standard, yet strong, combination of white, black and red. To balance it all out and not end up with something that felt bland — I introduced a geometric shapes with smooth gradient. Using these to thing to balance out each other you get a nice contrast to the rest of the brand.

Everything here gets a “coating” in that pattern. The pattern is a vector file so that it can resize it up or down to any size that you might want. Everything here is created to be non-destructive, to enable future editing without losing quality.

One thing that Finlev didn’t like was that the logo was on the alerts. I made that adjustment quickly and then I started to work on, what ended up being, the final version of the Finlev Twitch branding.

Final Version of Finlev Twitch Branding

Besides the logo taken away from the alerts I also changed how the line at the top would look. I used a blend if technique to get a more interesting look. Again I played with the constraft of the soft and the hard.

The IRL card is a recent addition to what streamers tend to want in their packages. This due to the fact that it’s a very flexible card to have. You can either use it as a way to start your stream, have an IRL talk or even use it between games if needed.

Other than that you can see, the now standard, the addition of game name and box art — taken from the Twitch API — as to add bit of flare. There’s also a countdown that isn’t restricted to any plugin but rather is coded into the card itself.

Lastly I also added a slider — made with CSS — to give the break screen a more dynamic feel. The images can easily be replaced either with a GIF, PNG or JPG. You can also see that I slightly changed the wording of the text above the game title. It’s not a big change but it does hold a lot of impact.

All and all this was a fun project to work on and Finlev is a great client. His stream is a fun and exciting environment that this brand does reflect for him and his community.

As you can see this is a shorter case study. It’s not that I didn’t have enough to write but I’m trying out to get to the point a bit more in these and see what that does for readability.

Anyway I hope you’re having a great start to the week and that this Twitch branding is a good start to that week as well.

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