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Case study: Fandom Destiny Edition

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Destiny Fandom

Fandom is a show put together by itmeJP, it has sporadically schedule and appears when there’s guests lined up and there’s time. The show in itself is all about the fans and what they love about the game and this time it’s all about Destiny.

As with the case study for the World of Warcraft edition everything has to be hand drawn to work with the logo. The logo itself also have to be modified to actually work with the new game. In this Fandom case study that’s the things I really want to go over and really nerd down into different aspects.


Fandom Destiny Moodboard

Fandom Destiny Edition Moodboard

This time I took my time and actually sat down and collected images, both screen shots, wallpapers, fanart and concept art from the Destiny universe. It’s something that I learned after the last show since I haven’t played Destiny either I knew that I couldn’t rely on just my own thoughts of what it was. The moodboard will come into later since I ended up re-creating the main title shot that is used for Destiny. All of this is going to be used in someway, be it in the actual design or even general inspiration in the Fandom Destiny overlays.

Re-style the Fandom Destiny logo

Fandom Destiny Edition Logo

Fandom Destiny Edition Logo

After researching and creating the moodboard it was time to move on to actually creating our first scene. The first thing I wanted to tackle was the logo. You might have seen the original logo, either here or in the breakscreen before the show starts, it has to be changed into something that fits better with the game that they’re talking about. Now this is of course a BIG problem. I talked with Bryan from Twitch and we talked very briefly about just how hard it is to actually maintain a brand for someone that does different shows that all need different branding but without it feeling as if it’s not part of the main brand.

What I knew I had to do was try to mimic the image from the title scene/imagery for Destiny. I knew that I wanted a space feel and keeping very bright. You can see the imagery here and as you can see I pretty much wanted to re-create the entire scene and replacing the thing over the planet with the new Fandom logo. I did some color changes and added a few effects to really sell it. In this case I’m not afraid to go a bit overboard since it is so stylized in the “Fandom universe”. That actually helps when it comes to creating and I don’t have to worry too much about some finer details. The update of the logo is all made in a very high resolution (I think 4k) and then I resize it down and it get’s a much more defined details. When it was done I had a completed Fandom Destiny logo that looked the right way for the style and game theme.

Creating the Fandom Destiny background

Fandom Destiny Edition Close-up

Close-up of background details

The next thing was to create the space that’s behind the logo. I know a lot designers on Twitch that probably just would have taken the original screen shot added some adjustments and called it a day. That’s not how we do it at itmeJP HQ and it’s not something I would be OK with.

What I did instead was to start with drawing out the main color blocks of black and blue and outline the planet. When I had that canvas I started to create the planet again. Using a bunch of different brushes and effects to get the right feel and style. After that I was all about adding minor shadow and highlights and finally do some minor detail work. Someone might say that it’s a lot of work for a show that only exists once, while it’s true that it only exists once I and JP still want to put on the best show possible. At the end of the day we could create a one size fit all overlay and logo, but that wouldn’t give you as a viewer the optimal experience and immersion that we want to bring you. I’m not holding anything back when I do these and I’m going all-in.


Fandom Destiny Edition Interface


When it comes the frames that are used. They’re are of course hand drawn as well, again to fit in the theme that’s set by Fandom. I knew very early on that I wanted to have a more structured and not as organic as with the WoW overlays. That’s why you can see I took a lot of inspiration from the armor used in the game. Still going with a brighter color to work with the rest of the theme. I actually had to add adjustment layers afterwards since the colors was a little bit off, that’s probably because I lifted the colors directly from the Fandom Destiny moodboard.

There are only minor changes between the camera frames and the browser/video frame. The only reason for that is since the video/browser frame is a lot wider and taller it was need to fill the space. I still used the same technique, but added a few more details as I found a brush that I really liked. There isn’t that much more that goes into the creation of the frame, it’s all very similar to how the background is created. First pass is always the colors, then comes shadows and highlights, then refine all the edges and finally doing the detail work. That’s at least how I tend to do frames for all shows, including RollPlay shows, and I pretty much brought that over to the Fandom Destiny edition.

Fandom Destiny background animations

Fandom Destiny Edition

No animation on these but want to show them

Lastly we have the animations. For these I leave Photoshop behind me and move over to After Effects. After Effects is sort the same as Photoshop but it’s all about the motion, and that’s what we want for the Fandom Destiny edition. But we need to isolate the Fandom Destiny background so we can import that into After Effects but when that’s done we can start to animate.

All we wanted was minor animation changes and nothing that was too noticeable. I can’t say that it was a ton of work since it’s really just using Fractal Noise for both the stars and the atmosphere smoke. For the stars all you need to do is change the brigthness and contrast for the plugin and you can get some pretty good looking stars. You can obviously do a lot more to make it unique but that would only slow down the production and there’s no need to over complicate something that only is supposed to be a minor effect.

Fandom Destiny Edition Browser

Same story… sorry

To get the animation all you need to do is change the evolution over time, in this case a low number that then goes back to the starting number. This will loop it, but it will loop it in a way that it looks as if it’s being reversed. That’s not what we want at all. Instead we create a new composition, throw the old one into it and duplicate it three times. By cutting the top two layers in half and shorten one from the right and one from the left we have them overlap in the middle. That means the length will be about a second shorter, so if you have specific loop time you would need to account for this before this step. To then get it all to loop smoothly we need to transition the opacity on the top two layers during the overlap. The bottom layer gives it safe zone so it don’t just looks as if two layers are being crossfaded. After that it’s all rendered out and we place the frames, logo, and anything else that isn’t the Fandom Destiny background in what ever broadcasting program you use.

Alright that’s it! We now have a Fandom Destiny edition overlay done and ready for broadcast.

I’m tired now, like really tired. I’ve done a lot of things and caught up with some things that I needed to finished up. Going to do more of that tomorrow and I need to talk to a few future guests for the podcast. There’s a lot of stuff going on… I need to expand my business soon.

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I’m out for the night, have a great day/evening/night! Oh and do follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech and check out the podcast 1.300 plays can’t be that wrong!



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