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Case Study: Eat My Diction

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Eat My Diction is one of the OG’s when it comes to Twitch and always equally entertaining to watch. However it had come to a point where his branding needed a face lift. As you know there’s where I come in and work my magic.

The Interview

Got contacted by Eat My Diction earlier this month through my contact form, I recently did a small update to it and added a question and change the wording on another one (actually a very important change), we exchange a few e-mails back and forth before we came to an agreement. After that we took our conversation to Skype for easier communication. I asked the questions I ask and we came down to that Eat My Diction is synonymous with this phrase “Saturday morning cartoon with LOTS OF SWEARING”.

That became the starting point for everything that unfolded from that point and forward. We also talked about another thing that is happening on his channel in the coming week but I’ll do a separate write up on that next Thursday after that have had it’s first showing.


Eat My Diction moodboardI love moodboarding. It’s one of my favorite moments during the process. I sit down with a hot cup of tea, or if it’s lunch time with my halloumi roll, put on some music and start to get inspired. Some people have asked my why I limit myself to only what’s on my moodboard. I believe that from limitation comes innovation, and when it comes to branding I’m not looking to only make it look good but also be the optimal solution for each client. As one of my clients put it “You’re great at taking my thoughts and making them reality”.

This time it ended up being a very vivid and playful moodboard but still keeping it clean and over cluttered. Taking inspiration from 90’s cartoon (Ren & Stimpy and Jhonen Vasquez, not shown in this moodboard, was also a big inspiration for the final art style I went with). I wanted everything to ooze the feel of “What if Eat My Diction was a morning cartoon”. While working on this that was my constant mantra and this moodboard was the aid that I constantly could fall back on.

All of the colors that you will see later are all take from the red/black/yellow images with the bike and the bird. Using those contrasting images to get a strong imprint also became a strong point in really driving home everything.

The Colors

I went with 3 distinctive and contrasting colors red, yellow and black. If you look closer you’ll see it’s not pure red or pure black, they’re a bit saturated. And there’s a reason for that. First of all it won’t look as harsh, and in this case that will work in our benefit since we’re going to use pure black when working with the avatar. We will at that point risk that melting into any other black color, something we don’t really want to happen in this case.

The yellow is used as a highlight color and therefor don’t need to be saturated as much as the black and red. I ended up using the yellow only in places where it was paired with the red. It’s never once used as opposite the saturated black. If that would happen that card would look completely different from the other cards, we don’t want that.

The Avatar

Eat My Diction sketch to finalRecently I’ve started to work with the avatar and logo as almost the very first thing. Meanwhile I let the rest of the graphics and branding start to sink into the back of my head subconsciously. After I made the initial research I started to think about other styles that might work and remembered Ren & Stimpy and for a more current artists I had recently seen some art by Jhonen Vasquez. Those two together is what sparked my very first sketch, I even brought in a image of Ren & Stimpy into Photoshop as sort of a reference for the line work and art style.

Another very important thing was that Eat My Diction had had a older avatar that he really liked, so I kept that in my mind as well when creating this updated version. I think  it’s very important to not go too far away when working with a established streamer, and by keeping older elements it’s not a huge leap for the current audience when the new comes. In some cases it’s a big jump that you need to make but in some a smaller more planned out one is the best option.

I took the sketch into Illustrator and there I cleaned up the line art and colored it all up and finally added some shading. Sounds a lot simpler than what it is, or at least that’s what it feels like when I write it down compared to when I actually was doing it.

The First Preview

Eat My Diction first previewAfter I had done a bit more work, with the logo, notifications, a few panels and the offline/schedule card it was time to show Eat My Diction what I had done so far. We talked for a bit about the concept and we agreed that it was the right one so we moved onto the next step.

In the preview you can see that I’ve used the yellow a bit more, specially on the offline/schedule card. I’ve also made another avatar, something that was easy since it was all made in illustrator so it was only the matter of moving and adding smaller elements, that’s another reason why I like to work in Illustrator.

You can also see the additional yellow in both text and in the panels. The panel icons are all roughly hand drawn, that way they’ll be in the same style as the rough logo and the rough edges on the subscription/donation alerts.

The animations

Eat My Diction had used animations on his previous branding so that’s something that we wanted to bring over into this version as well. Therefor I went back into Photoshop and did some frame animation to get the fire going. Then I actually used both After Effects and Illustrator so create the eating money version. Created the bill in Illustrator and then brought that into After Effects and animated the loop there.

Eat My Diction notification


The Final Versions

Eat My Diction final versionWhen we got the very final version. I also added in all of the vector graphics for avatars and logos, in case they need to be used for print. One thing that I find extremely important at this stage is to make the delivery an event. Having everything in order from specific folders for Fonts, Extras, Vectors etc. On top of that I include the CSS needed for the notifications, be it for, TwitchAlerts or any other service. In some cases I might need to produce a video tutorial, I find that a lot easier to do than going over everything in text and images.

BUT wait there’s more! As I mentioned in the beginning of this article we also worked on another thing that Eat My Diction needed. As a teaser it’s a show and it might involve a dice or two 😉


This weekend I’m going to meet up with one of my previous clients as he does a Europe tour. It’s always fun to meet clients in person, and I hope that I will meet a lot more during TwitchCon. Other than that I’m binge watching X-Files, only the non Monster of the Week episodes, in preparation for the new season.

Oh and while writing this article I listened to the following music: Gallant – Zebra EP, Alicks – Inanimate EP, Basecamp – Shudder (Remixes) and Henry Green – Slow.

All the best




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