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Case Study: Chainbrain Twitch Branding

By 5 June, 2017 No Comments

Chainbrain is a Rocksmith streamer that recently decided to practice and streaming even more seriously than before. That’s there the Chainbrain Twitch branding comes in to add to that dedication. Now Chainbrain is taking his passion (playing the guitar for 10 years) to Twitch. He’s already seen an upswing in viewership by focusing on his skill, entertainment and education in his craft on Twitch.

Brief for Chainbrain Twitch Branding

One of the main things that Chainbrain wanted for his Twitch branding was the style Trash Polka. Chainbrain was initial worries since the previous designers he had talked to has no experience in Trash Polka at all and felt that it was out of their range.

After I googled the term I could comfortably tell Chainbrain that I was confident that I could create the Chainbrain Twitch branding with it. I had actually worked with a similar style when I was younger. While it might have been Trash Polka I could see that it took a lot from that style and combined it with a modern/geometric approach.


Chainbrain Twitch branding moodboard


In the moodboard you can see that I’ve really looked up a bunch of both structured and wild versions of Trash Polka. It was important to have some structure to it since after all the Chainbrain Twitch branding isn’t a tattoo but a Twitch brand. These things has to be taken into consideration even if it’s only at the moodboard stage.

At the bottom you can also see some more color, font and style that’s outside of the Trash Polka style. This was another important thing to at least have a fallback when the general structure might not work.


avatarChainbrain already had a logo that he wanted to have updated. This posses no issue since all it does is add the current logo to the moodboard and even as a sketch to work from.

As you can see the previous logo is a skull with a chain going through it. As you probably guessed it’s pictorial logo since it a chain going through a brain and that creates Chainbrain.

Chainbrain Twitch branding Avatar

Final Chainbrain Avatar

When I started to work on my version I used a skull for reference to draw it all out by hand. I used a rough inking brush to get a rough feeling to it instead of super clean lines. Initially I didn’t include the teeth but decided that going with a fine brush would contrast the rough with the clean.

After that I began building it up with different brushes and textures. The most important part here was the base. You can look at it as the foundation for a large building. You want that base to be as solid as possible so that it can carry anything that you put on top of it. I used the same concept as I kept building on my base.


Above you can see the first stage of the Chainbrain Twitch branding. You can see that I took the pattern from Chainbrain’s actual tattoo and crafted a lot of graphical elements that would work in combination with the logo.

Again you can see that I written out the different animation stages. This is so that the client can get an idea over what they will look like when they’re animated. You can also see that I’ve used more of the graphical elements to create the look of the animated Twitch alerts.

All of the geometrical shapes are actually created in illustrator to get that sharp look for the Chainbrain Twitch branding. Again this is an important thing in Trash Polka as it combines the two styles into one.

Final Version of Chainbrain Twitch Branding

Above you can see the entire Chainbrain Twitch branding. As you can see it takes the chaotic and structured to it’s limit. It was extremely important to have a separation between the two states. Since going too far would have ended up in a over the top area. Not going enough would have resulted in it not being Chainbrain and that would lead it to not feel like the Chainbrain Twitch branding was unique and personal.

This Twitch branding will standout from a lot of other work, both already on Twitch and things that I’ve created in the past. That dosen’t mean that it’s bad or that it shouldn’t belong on Twitch. By far this should be show you that Twitch branding isn’t about conforming to a standard but rather to find your own path and go all in on it.

Animated Twitch Alerts


These animated Twitch alerts are created with HTML and CSS. Then imported and setup inside of Muxy instead of Streamlabs. This was an important step to take so that each element can individually be animated.

The biggest benefit of using HTML and CSS instead of video is of course that you’re not locked to the creator or for that matter locked to rendering. Anything in these alerts can be changed with a few changes in code or by simply replacing an image. No need to render, upload or replace the entire alert.




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