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Who are you on Twitch and who to reach?

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The very first step we have to take here is you. This probably will sound really difficult to figure out… and that’s because it is. It’s not often that we take a deep look at ourselves and try to figure out our strengths and weaknesses. The key is with that very last piece, your weaknesses. Why are they so important? The thing is that you don’t need care about them BUT you need to understand them.

Who are you?

This is the first step into self-awareness. This isn’t going to be motivation article in any way, even if I’ve been know to not be afraid to tell people about that stuff before. However self-awareness isn’t something that’s magic or a potion that will make you into the number one streamer in the world. What it will do is allow you to operate freely with the knowledge, personality and freedom that gives you the best possible outlook for your Twitch stream.

When you understand who you are you can start to see what it is your stream really can be about. Remember that photography example from earlier? The person was actually a professional photographer and all we did was to apply something he’s good at with the passion for Twitch and gaming. This is actually how easy we can make. Now I also know that not everyone has such a clear path towards understanding themselves so let’s keep going with the examples.

I’ve worked with plenty of different streamers and one of them was a high school teacher. Now he himself was a bit confused over why he had gotten an audience with 14 to 15-year-olds. Now I didn’t know about the fact that he was a teacher when I asked him if he worked with younger kids. Even if it’s more of a profession we can still use that to our advantage. There’s a certain skill when it comes to being able to entertain teenagers. This streamer was able to take that into account and figure out that maybe that should be his target audience after all. It was natural for him and it didn’t effect the way that he was on stream anyway.

While it didn’t change that much for him in terms of personality what did change was the attitude and the understanding of what was possible. Most of the time this is what unlocks your branding and it’s not running away to grab the best looking thing you can find. We have to start with how people will perceive you and then we can take that into account when we start with the visual brand.

Who do you want to reach?

Now we’re getting down to why Twitch branding holds so much importance or rather how it can be used to gain a lot of advantages over those that started long time ago.

The most common wording, from smaller streamers, when they talk about who their target audience is say it’s: Gamers, community and people that to have fun. This in itself isn’t a bad thing when you’re streaming gameplay on Twitch. However what you’re pretty much saying is that you’re trying to target everyone (that’s another one I hear a lot) and you might already know that targeting everyone is only going to end with you targeting no one.

Let me explain that a bit further. You’re never going to be able to attract everyone for the simple reason that everyone doesn’t like the same things. Now say you find out that they like this one thing but someone else like this other thing. You try to get both of them by trying to appeal to both of them, problem solved right? Well here’s where, as you keep doing this, is where you won’t reach anyone anymore. That first person don’t like what that other person likes and the other person dislikes what the first person likes. All of a sudden as you try to make room for both of them none of them like you content anymore.

A lot of people think that the larger the net they throw the more they can catch. While this works great when fishing it’s not going to very effective when we we’re trying to build a following. After all it’s not like that when we’re net fishing are trying to keep the fish around as viewers.

When you have a better understanding of yourself you can start to see the pattern of those that might like that. We can take the photography branding from earlier and see that those that are going to like it are easily defined. When we know that the ones, or at least can assume, that does find out channel are looking for photography help, beautiful photography and other things surrounding photography. That also means we can now target these people, that most likely, will enjoy our content.

Take my blog and website as another simple example. I didn’t set out to be overlay focused, cheap graphics or similar things. No instead I leveraged the keywords Twitch branding and professional as my core branding. I took that and created content around it and target that content towards those that I knew would like that content. Does that equate to me getting thousands of followers on Twitter? No. Does that equate to me getting unique 8.000 visits a week, highest possible ranking on Google and number of different offers? Yes.

If views and visits speaks more to you then actual people that enjoys, shares, comments, interacts with your content this isn’t for you. You can get a lot more unsustainable views by running an ad in your local newspaper but you’re not going to win over dedicated viewers and you’re not leveraging your Twitch brand. Views are often unimportant in the long run and only the short run will they show you any success. We’ve all seen the channels with huge amount of views but only 1-5 concurrent viewers. This is often a result of misguided attempt to get as many views as possible but getting nothing in terms of an actual following.

Let’s look at this from a big company point of view. You might think that a company like McDonalds, Nike or Office Depot are for everyone? They’re not and they know it. They understand that they can’t reach everyone with every ad, but that doesn’t mean they’ll exclude those that aren’t their target audience of course. 

A nice little article on the core of what Twitch branding really is. I now I’ve gone over these things int he past but I wanted to formulate it in a different way. Why would I do that? Keep in mind that I have over 200 articles and more than 1500 readers a day so things can be missed and sometimes things just needs to be repeated.

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