What’s in a Twitch username?

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I know that I’ve probably touched on this before but I wanted to revisit it. Why? I’ve gotten multiple questions about picking names, the right name or name change. And if you’ve ever wondered how I pick topics for my articles I basically just get constant data from my readers and clients.

The optics of it all

This is going to be the core of this article. No matter if you’re starting out, restarting or doing a name change it all comes down to this. So why does this end up being such a big hindrance for both new and seasoned streamers?

The main reason I’ve seen is that what they have right now “isn’t a good name”. Now a “good name” is very subjective and is very much up to the optics. The optics it what it really comes down to at the end of the day.

What it means is that it’s all about who looks at it and in what context they’re looking at it. To simply it further it comes down to what they think about your content and what your content is. It’s also, of course, part of your brand. However it should not be confused with your actual brand… since your actual brand is the content that you produce. The name is really only attached to that content and brand to serve as a vessel.

Is the name is important?

Here’s a simple and clear example of how unimportant an name really can be. You’re reading this article for what reason? To learn? Did someone give you this link? Have you been reading my articles for awhile? Whatever reason you might have I have a strong suspicion that the name LiveSpace has little to nothing to do about it.

You’re here on the merit of the brand and the content that I’ve built for the past years. Even if this is the first article that you read you got here because of the content and not the name.

The same goes for the name that you pick on Twitch. You can go into any Twitch category and look at the names and quickly realize that most usernames at the top are really bad. The reason they’re up there isn’t because of the name but of the brand they’ve built and the content they’ve put out.

When is the name important?

I would say never if done right. As long as you fill the name with meaning and reason it can really be anything. However an argument can be made that a name can be vessel for quick understanding of content. For instance if a streamer goes by the name “DestinyFan1” it is pretty evident that when you tune in you’re going to get Destiny content.

To a certain extent that can work for you. It could possibly get people into the door since they’re looking for Destiny content. That’s good! You now have attention on your stream BUT now you also have to deliver what they think they’re going to get. They assume Destiny content but if you then give them Halo content you probably lose that viewer pretty quickly.

Now being game specific is probably a bad idea, so what about being content specific? Something like “PhotographyGamer”. While it’s not explicit what it is you can still get a picture of what the content might be. Of course you’re still going to run into the same issue that everyone probably has their own idea of what that content is, some will stay and some will leave based on that.

How to choose a name?

All and all, don’t stress out about the name. You will fill it with meaning regardless of what it is and people will associate it with the name no matter what path you take.

However you might still be sitting there wondering with 2 or 3 different names that you might pick. The truth is that you already know what name is the best you just haven’t asked yourself in the right way yet. Here’s what you can do to figure out what name you really want. Flip a coin or roll a dice and pick whatever it lands on. Trust me that when that coin or dice lands, on whatever side it might land on, you will instantly know in your heart if it is right. If you for a second feel that it’s the wrong choice then go with the other one. If it’s a dice roll, just keep going until you’re down to a coin flip.

Don’t make the name choice harder than it has to be.

I hope you enjoyed this article! You really should head over to the LiveSpace Discord channel and get talking about Twitch. It really is a group of like minded people that all are readers of these articles.

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