What’s Twitch Sound Branding?

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Twitch sound branding is something we almost never hear anything about. Yet at the same time we hear it all the time. Twitch sound branding is one of those things that we need to start talking about to really understand what it really is. In this article I’m going to go over what Twitch sound branding is and how you can use it to strengthen your own Twitch branding.

What’s Twitch Sound Branding?

Simply put Twitch sound branding is the audio that you hear on someone stream. The same way that branding is what you see sound branding is what you hear. That can everything from voice, alerts, intro music to music selection.

A brand is everything you do, write, show or visually have on your stream, actually it’s both on your stream and outside of you stream. Together they paint the picture of you. It describes who you are (to your channel) and what your channel is about. We can look at Twitch sound branding the same way. What you hear is also part of that brand.

If you listen to Hip-Hop it will, even if you don’t want it, tell a story about you or build on top of the story that you’ve started to tell. It’s the same for any audio that you might have on your stream. The audio you put behind your alert can tell vastly different stories about you and your brand.

At the core Twitch sound branding is something as simple as all the audio that you hear from your stream. On the surface it becomes a part of who you are on stream, what type of channel you run, and if or if not the stream is for them.

Who Uses Twitch Sound Branding?

Often these things are not planned out. But rather they’re happenstance. They feel right so they’re put into place. Often that’s enough and never underestimate the power of that gut feeling when it comes to something as personal as  your Twitch channel.

However there’s Twitch streamers that have taken this to the next level. Below I’m going to take a look at a few examples so you can get a better understanding of what I’m talking about. The main three ones that I’m going to focus on is alert sounds, theme music and music association.

Sacriel Alert Sounds

This might be one of the straight forward uses of sound branding. Using it to melt in with the rest of your branding. Sacriel is using a military comm radio sound effect. Now his are even voiced by David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. It plays directly into Scariel’s military theme and that in turn becomes recognizable and a staple in Sacriel’s stream setup.

Not only that you can also see that Sacriel has taken sound to the next level by allowing both Cheeers and tips to add audio ques to this stream. While all of these don’t play into this military brand they play into a developed brand and connection that Sacriel has with is audience. You can almost view these as inside jokes in one way. In another way they’re just a fun addition to a stream. However it’s more likely that someone that have spent time with Sacriel’s stream are the ones cheering and tipping.

While it’s possible to pick something that feels right for your stream or randomly pick something pre-made. It dosen’t stop you from getting custom made sound effects. These sounds effects can, similar to Sacriel’s, tie directly into your Twitch brand.

Dropped Frames Theme Association

When we’re looking at something like Dropped Frames we’re talking more about one single song. This song is so associated with Dropped Frames that if you hear it outside of Twitch your mind directly gets pulled into thinking about Dropped Frames. You can do the same with music when you don’t feel like you need custom theme music. itmeJP, for instance, uses “Press Play” by Cheap Talk at the end of his stream. It’s not a custom made song but it is conditioning your brain to associate the song with his stream.

Twitch sound branding can help you associate specific songs to your stream. It’s a good way to do it without having to get a theme made. This specially when you’re a smaller streamer or don’t have the funds to get something custom made. For my stream I use a Swedish remixed (very meme-y) song at the end of my stream. I’m slowly making that a part of my stream and I can promise you that IF someone from my stream heard it outside of that they would either know I’m close by or make them think about my stream.

We can use these things to evoke and emotion or a state of mind. We can use in advertising or in any other way that we want quickly associate with our stream.

Theme Music

We can of course take that extra step and actually have a custom theme made for your stream. It’s not an odd thing for larger streamers to use intros and combine that with specific music. The same way that we talked about association the people in chat at the start of your stream will get into a certain state of mind when they hear it.

When we’re able to have something custom made we can align it even better with your brand. Now often a brand can be a bit more than “this exact thing” so it’s always the best idea to go to someone that can understand how Twitch sound branding will impact your brand. That can be either that you go to a musician with that knowledge or you find someone that can help you with the branding and knows someone that are able to deliver on the custom theme music.

There we go! A bit of insight into what Twitch sound branding could do for your stream. If you’re looking for Twitch sound branding help you can always reach out to me and my network.

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