What’s the right investment for Twitch branding?

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As the amount of Partnered Twitch streamers and Twitch Affiliate Twitch streamers grow we’re seeing a larger influx of investment being pushed into streamers Twitch branding. In this article I want to go over the investment that you might be looking at. This article won’t give you an exact number at the end of it. I’ll instead go over what to think about and how to figure out the right investment for you.

The Basics

As I mentioned there’s no one number that you can look at. All of the things that I’m going to outline should outline what will work for you.

The dream is of course to get proper branding for your Twitch channel. I’m calling this investment since you are, at the end of the day, investing something to your channel to hopefully getting something out of it. That’s also where things start to diverge from streamer to streamer. Why? Since that “something” can be vastly different for each Twitch streamer.

Problems, Goals and Solutions

Before we start looking at investments and what designer to go with we need to understand our problem and our goal. It’s fine not to know the problem but at the same time you need to understand that all designer don’t know how to identify the issue. If that’s the case you also need to keep in mind that it’s an added skill that you need your designer to have.

This is also why you need to be honest with your designer. As with a doctor, unless they know where to look they might miss the problem and can’t give you a solution. That’s why the doctor asks you questions, and a lot of them, and that’s why a designer should be doing the same. Otherwise you’re going to a “mechanical designer”. What’s “mechanical designer”? They can deliver what you input. If you tell them to create a 1 and a 2 they’ll output a 1 and a 2.

In most cases this isn’t what you need. What you tend to need is someone that can take that 1 and 2 and evaluate your need of it. If it is the problem, if it aligns with your goal and what can be done to make that be the solution. This is the actual process behind getting a proper brand. It’s not your job, as a Twitch streamer, to understand all of the design side of things. There’s a reason why should feel as if you can trust your designer.

Again this comes down to the investment. A smaller investment can probably be put on a smaller problem and where you take all the responsibility and you know all of the design choices beforehand. While it might end up in a smaller investment, is that really what you need? Are you confident in that you have made the right choices? If so why haven’t it been made until now?

Design on the Cheap?

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. There’s plenty of design services are are more conveyor belt than anything else. The get your request push it through their “machine” and spit out the same thing that they do for everyone else. Same style, pre-made vectors, and so on. While this might seem fine, you need to understand the effect it will have on your overall brand. Did it solve your problem? Did it move you closer to your goal? Was there really a solution to the problem? If none of those are correct you’re probably going to have to re-invest into something else later on. That means that you end up investing two times instead of one.

Getting the Quotes

After you have some ideas down about your brand and kind of what type of designer you’re looking for. You need to start collecting quotes. What’s a quote? It’s the investment that you’re going to have to make to hire that particular designer.

Some designers tends, for some reason, to have price lists. But in all professional cases these are valued on a per project basis. That means that you’re going to have to contact them to get a quote. These quotes are cost free but they are adjusted for you so that means that you’ll get a more accurate investment rate than a price list would be able to give you.

Now if all you’re going by is the numbers of the investment then the price list might sound a lot better. However does that list account for the problem, solution and goals? How individual is a price list? Specially when something like Twitch branding is very much a personal thing for your Twitch channel. This is not a one size fits all situation.

When you have a few quotes you can start to look deeper. You’ll have an idea of the highest and lowest investment needed. After that it comes down to the goal, solution and problem. Do they understand any of those? And can they deliver on your vision?


Return of Investment

This is what it all comes down to. Every streamer has a different view on what this return might be (the goal). Some might hope for growth, partnership, affiliate status, fame, influence, attention, happiness, and so on.

Everyone do and should have their own budget in mind but let the quotes show you where it might actually land. If it’s not something you can invest into right away ask if there’s a possibility of a payment plan. If they’re serious it should be more than possible to set that up. If they treat you like a bad person before you even write to them they probably deal with a lot of bad clients, and that’s not the right place for you.

If the solution to the problem aligns with your goal you know that you’re in the right direction. That’s how you know that your ROI will be the right one.




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