What makes a great logo for a Twitch channel?

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Most of the time a well made illustration for something as personal as a Twitch channel can be the right decision. However there’s times when a logo will do the same or at least that’s what most streamer think. The problem with that is that most streamers and Twitch designers have no idea what makes a good logo or even what a good logo means for the channel. Logos most of the time are very… meh. There’s no life, there’s no emotion and there’s no thought behind it.

What logo should your Twitch channel have?

The 3 most common logos are:


One of the most common type of logos out there. It’s simple put the name of the Twitch channel that you have. It’s the simplest one that exists and can be as simple as your signature, Google wordmark or Fedex wordmark. That doesn’t mean that it has to not have any meaning. Small details in a wordmark logo tells the entire story about your brand. There’s a big difference between the Google wordmark and the New York Times word work, they are both text but they both tell different stories of history.


The “Apple” apple is a typical pictorial logo. It’s often literal and sometimes it has a deeper meaning but at the end it identifies the company directly form that that imagery. Would probably be the least used when it comes to Twitch channels since when you’re at this point you might as well go over and have a illustration made, either a mascot of avatar.


This is what we probably see most often attempted… and horribly so… by new Twitch designers that have seen a cool abstract logo and applies it either to themselves or worse to a client. Why is it often so bad? Since it has no meaning, no history and no relation. The Nike Swoosh is an abstract logo but it’s not a good abstract logo for it’s shape but for the meaning behind it. You associate it with decades of marketing from the Nike marketing department and in relation to big athletes. On it’s own it means nothing it’s just a shape and if the shape dosen’t represent something you’re missing the point.

So when you see a graphic designer with a abstract logo you probably should take a step back and think about your future decision. Is it cool? Maybe. Do they know what they’re doing? Probably not.

How to pick a logo for a Twitch channel

The one thing, in most cases, that we’re going to use when we start out is something that can represent our channel. When that’s a wordmark the style needs to reflect the feel and mood of the channel. You can easily make it feel modern, retro, old etc. by simply exploring different typefaces, creating your own or modifying them. We can go even further by utilizing things like negative space or adding in abstract shapes.

The pictorial can be a bit harder for a Twitch channel, specially when you don’t really know what your channel is all about. Getting all of that into one might end up being a big mountain to climb. It’s not an impossible task but it’s not something a new designers or you yourself probably should attempt. It would be better if you had a avatar/illustration made instead since that often have a lot more flexibility and easier to make.

Abstract logos, as mentioned above, isn’t really necessary unless you have a big brand that you can fill the abstract logo with something. If you want to attempt to make one you need to understand that the logo itself have no meaning but it’s rather you that’s going to fill that with meaning. However when made the right way it can have a lot impact and can easily be associated with you. Then again getting to that point isn’t an easy path and if you go to a designer that looks more towards flashy then trying to tell your story you’re going to end up struggling.

What you need need is a logo system

Weak3n logo

Weak3n Logosystem by

When we talk about the future of logs we’re talking about logo systems.

We can change things in our brand easily and we can apply it to new things daily. It’s flexibility and usability that’s going to be able to set you up with something that can be used in any situation. The reason why this makes a lot more sense is since you can go across all of the logo types mentioned above. They can be used as a wordmark, parts can be made into pictorial with the right imagery and they can transition into the abstract.

What used to be difficult is now as easy as changing your Twitter avatar or changing the image in your e-mail signature. The change can happen over night without any greater need for big changes. That’s why logo systems are the thing that’s happening right now and not just a wordmark, abstract or pictorial logo.

It allows you to tell a story both in your brand and extend it outside of your brand. There’s endless color combinations, situationist, and more that a logo system can fill. It’s not the wow-factor of your logo that’s going to determine how successful you are but instead for how long it can last. You don’t want your logo to be nice for a day but you want it to live on it’s own. That’s the point of a good logo system.

With a logo system you can apply it many different ways, add things, remove things and make it fit with seasonal, daily, emotion, context and more. That’s the hallmark of a great logo today and not how abstract or cool it can look. A logo dosen’t carry any mening unless you pour that meaning into it. Your logo without context and content will mean nothing.

Sounds too good to be true? It kind of is since you can’t really open up Photoshop or Illustrator and then all of a sudden you have a logo system. It’s a game plan, strategy, story, an extension of you and planning for the future. You need someone that can channel who you are and then take all of that and make that into the right logo system for you.



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