Viable Minimum Stream Branding

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In product development there’s something called Minimum Viable Product. That’s how one would determine the minimum that’s needed for that product to get the produced or start to sell it.

I recently sat to to listen to the podcast called Late Nights with Trav and Los. It’s a great little podcast where two creative professional discuss different ideas and so on. It’s a great podcast for someone like me but it dosen’t have anything that has a one to one relation to Twitch.

Viable Minimum Product to Viable Minimum Stream

One of there more recent episodes is called VMP (Viable Minimum Product). In the episode they go over the idea of having a viable product. To simplify it they mention it’s more so starting to sell a completed Skateboard (it has wheels and it gets you places faster than walking) and then working your way up to a car (it has wheels and it also gets you places even faster than walking). If we were to put that into Minimum Viable Product it would just be a pretty shitty car and development would take long.

In the case of a VMP you can start selling the skateboard right away. You can build a business around that and then work your way up with iterations and inventions.

Relate it back to Twitch

Minimum Viable Product

We could look at starting a stream with the MVP approach. And I think that’s the standard approach to it. At minimum you need an internet connection and a broadcasting program (OBS, xsplit, etc). That’s really it. Is it the best stream? Probably not. Is it a stream? Yes. We can then keep adding to that with a camera, microphone, mixer and so on.

However none of that really makes it a great stream. At one point or another it all has to come together. This is often where you start to look for a designer to create branding for you. Taking your ideas and making them into reality, and so on. That’s fine. But it’s not until then that you actually have a finished product. Until then you’re a bit all over the place, and I’m sure that at least some of you have experience exactly this.

This isn’t something uncommon when it comes to Twitch. You have an idea what you want to do, you an idea over who you are and you have an idea over what’s unique about your channel. But as a complete picture it’s a bit blurry until that one day when it all either clicks or comes together on it’s own.

Viable Minimum Product

If we then flip the words around for Viable and Minimum we all of a sudden have a completely different approach. It is taking what we have and crafting something that’s complete around it.

A product that is viable enough to be a product. Or rather a stream that’s viable enough to be a proper stream. We know that at the very least an internet connection and software to broadcast with. Then we take that minimum and craft a complete brand around it.

But that sounds like how it is done right? Not really. The big thing here is to not think about the final push of the brand. This isn’t about creating that final amazing brand that you might have in the back of your head. That brand that has the perfect green screen, XLR microphone, a mixer, perfect branding and a neon sign with your name.

It is to understand that those things can come later. Not to go in to it with the attitude of “I’ll get there eventually” but rather with “What’s the best I can do with what I have right now”.

Instead of looking at what certain streamers that have done this for years are doing and have done. Look at what you have right now and you can do with what you have right now. What is the brand that you can build with what you have?

There’s no need to try and aim for that final brand from there start. You can do it in stages without using patchwork. Instead go in larger stages making each stage a complete brand with the resources that your currently have.

I really hope that you’re finding some useful information from my articles. I’ve gotten some great love on Twitter and in email’s recently so that always makes my day instantly better. Thank you for that!

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