Understanding modern and minimal design for Twitch branding

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Minimal design is nothing new and the definition of modern tends to change from time to time. Flat design, for instance, is a result of website limitations that had to scale according to desktop, tablet and mobile. In this post I’m going to go over how that relates to Twitch branding and only Twitch branding.

Understanding modern and minimal design for Twitch branding

These type of designs have become more and more popular in Twitch branding and overlay design. This is a solution to the problem where all you have are drab overlays that cover most of the screen. The more we can take away from the screen the better the immersion. And the more focus can be put on the streamer.

While it does solve that problem it introduces a new one and that’s the lack of personality. This problem is only visible when you’re seeing work by Twitch brand designers that haven’t totally grasped the concept of minimal and modern. All they’ve grasped so far is the aesthetic. Something that might sound like a small things introduces one of the biggest pitfalls.

How do you solve the problem?

There’s plenty of ways that this can be solved. I’m going to look at only a few that I think can do it the easiest.

Avatar/mascot illustration

Of course the avatar and mascot can really differentiate the whole brand that you’re creating. It might be easy to think that as long as you find any other style than a modern style you’re going to get away with it. However there’s going to be hard to implement something that strays so far from the rest of the brand. Keeping them all connected is by far the best option.

However modern and minimal avatars is something that most designers can’t handle. This isn’t due to their skills but rather to their ability to create a overall brand. There’s a lot of great designers that can create what you say but not enough that can craft what you need. And there’s big difference between those two. You shouldn’t have to be a designer to work with graphic designer. For instance if a designers portfolio is filled with esports looking mascots and logos that’s a bad fit for you brand. If all their avatars look about the same that’s a bad fit for your brand. If there’s details for the sake of details it’s a sign that they’ve not fully grasped the fundamentals.

A well crafted modern and minimal design for Twitch branding with a avatar/mascot illustration is the shapes and the colors. They should all talk a similar language and even better if they talk the same. People tend to stray away from modern looking mascots due to that they’re not able to put enough personality into them. This isn’t due to minimal and modern not being able to handle it but rather that the designer dosen’t have the capability yet.

When done right even the smallest details and similarities can make an avatar stand out from everything else. In about 9 out of 10 times an avatar trumps a logo. I mean how many beard logos haven’t you seen already? Probably way too many.


Minimal and modern design can fill a lot of gaps in UX and UI design. It can also be used for aesthetic reasons. The best implementations when it comes to Twitch branding are when there’s a mix between the two.

Something as simple as where you place a block shape or why you place it there will be part of the story. It comes down to size, position and color of every shape that together can provide a story. That’s why you need to consider both the UI/UX and aesthetic aspects. Together they’ll tell a story and the story is what’s going to allow people to actually gravitate towards your Twitch brand and your channel.

All of these things together is what’s going to define your brand. Every style decision should be reflection of the type of channel that you want to run. There’s way too many Twitch brands that have the minimal and modern style for the sake of being minimal or modern. This is why the thought process in design is such a vital step. These steps are often overlooked by designers that haven’t really understood how to properly craft an entire Twitch brand.

Text and tone

Lastly and a very effective way to bring life to any design is text and the tone. Something as small as what text you put on your starting card to what you call your follower/subscribers sets a certain tone for your entire brand.

It relevant to understand that everything that you do and say also falls under this. That even goes for what you do and say on social media. All of it adds to your personal Twitch brand.

The reason why I bring that up is due to the fact that when you go to a designer and they make no effort to understand that they’re not going to craft something that’s going to work for your brand. While it might look good at the end of the day you’re going to have to go to someone that does understand your brand eventually.

The future?

As you, hopefully, know I try to stay ahead of the curve of trends and design. I’m also, once again, write an article that talks about the future of design for Twitch branding and the future of Twitch. That always comes after the new year is here so get ready for that.

What I can say about design at the moment is that there’s a lot of very interesting things. Everything from space, layout and typography. I do have a few future projects that will take this into account and even use coding to take it to the next level.

It would be insane not to mention the merge of “chaotic” and minimal. It’s something that you’ll for sure get a taste of in the coming years on Twitch.

This weekend it’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here in Sweden we actually celebrate it on the 24th, the real day for sure. Next week I’m going to see if I can’t have up two more case studies from two new clients that I’m about to complete. 

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