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Twitch branding, why you need it and how to identify it

By 29 February, 2016 No Comments
Twitch Branding

Twitch branding and how you can grow your Twitch brand etc. is one of those topics that keeps on coming up wherever you look for information about how to grow. It’s often written that you should have a brand and that you should work on your brand or even that your brand don’t look good…. whatever that means… (maybe they mean visual brand???). That’s why in this article I wanted to outline the reason why you need a Twitch brand and what it actually is.

What’s a brand?

When we look at brands outside of Twitch and brands in general they’re can sometimes be almost scary. In a sense two sneakers could have the exact same quality and even same price and people will still go the the brand that they trust and know about. You can even take away the quality and the raise the price and IF the trust and awareness is still there people will still come to the winning brand. We’re not in the business of misusing trust and waste attention so let’s not think about or brand that way.  However having a strong brand is what often will get you attention, trust and a following.

What’s Twitch branding?

I mentioned that often people think of a brand as a logo, font or color but that’s only a small part of the entire brand machinery. Your Twitch brand is EVERYTHING that makes your Twitch channel standout from every other Twitch channel. Simple? Yes, in this case it is very simple to define it so I don’t really understand the whole debacle about “guides” to make you undertand it.

It’s great to have a Twitch channel but having a Twitch channel isn’t enough. Your Twitch branding is the face out towards your audience and what’s suppose to appeal to that audience emotions (go read article about how to finding your audience on this blog).

Exercise time!

Let’s do this with a exercise instead of a guide, it will allow you to undertand your situation instead of looking at someone else. Now you don’t need to write these in your Twitch panels or in your bio or really anywhere else. Keep it in the back of your head instead and allow it to influence how you decide to keep moving forward.

[mks_accordion] [mks_accordion_item title=”Vision statement”]

This is the lofty, crazy, out of here type of goal and the “who I am” statement that’s supposed to inspire and excite your audience. No need to write a long book about it and keep a it as a sentence. A vision for your brand that you constantly want to strive towards and not something that you’ll reach tomorrow.

When you want to come up with your vision statement look at what it is and what it isn’t. Why and how do you do what you do with your Twitch channel? How do your audience describe what is that you do? And where do you want you channel to be and represent in the future?

Combine all of that into that one statement about your Twitch channel. Embrace this statement and let anyone that you work with embrace that statement so you’re all speaking the same language to strengthen your Twitch brand.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Mission statement”]

Allow this to be the reason why you have the Twitch channel that you have. What is it that you actually do on your channel? What is it that you offer your viewers? At it’s core this is what describes your Twitch channel.

What is it that you do to meet your audience? What techniques do you use to reach your audience? How does all of that make your Twitch channel standout? In what other ways is your Twitch channel different from others? And keep asking questions to get to the core of your Twitch channel.

Now take all of those answers and mash them together into that a short sentence that gets directly to that core of your Twitch channel. Simple and to the point! Don’t involve a bunch of stuff that’s nonsense to someone outside.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Brand character”]

No it’s not your avatar or mascot. It’s what describes your Twitch channel in one word. Don’t underestimate how hard it is to actually come up with one word but allow it to take the time that it needs. For example a t-shirt company could have “affordable” or “luxury” all depending on what they want to bring to their audience.

Take your mission and vision statement and crush them together into this one word. Simply put; what’s the emotion that your audience feels when they think about your stream? Safe, free, happy, relaxed, healthy etc. Make sure it’s what people actually think and not just an assumption that you’ve made about them. Let all of these take time to figure out.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Personality”]

This is the tone, color, and all of the design aspects that you use in your communication with your audience.

When we boil this down the personality of your Twitch stream is actually the personality of your stream. What would your Twitch stream look and sound like if it was a person?
[/mks_accordion_item] [/mks_accordion]

Now when we have a understanding of our brand… what is that really good for? It’s going to be the core all of how you reach the right people. All the way from marketing, strategy and execution.


For example, your vision statement will help you to figure out what you can do on Twitter to reach your audience and your mission statement will make sure the content that you make for Twitter represent the core message of your Twitch stream. That should then leave people with the emotion of the 1-word brand character and finally the tone should represent the tone that you set in your personality. Are starting to see the strength of having a brand now?

This will create a guide for your stream, and not for someone else, that you can follow. The most important here is that you always need to be authentic you can’t randomly come up with these things and use them only because you think it’s what’s going to attract the most views. People will see straight through that in a heartbeat. At the end of the day you have to live up to the brand identity that you’ve set. Break that and you’ll lose all of their trust just as fast.


Ready to step up your Twitch branding and marketing? I’ve work with both partnered and non-partnered Twitch streamers and done so for over 3 years. For me this is full time and I’m dedicated to my clients and my craft. I do both branding, visual branding and consulting based on understanding you, your community and your channel. If that sounds interesting to you then you should check out my Twitch services/portfolio/client list and contact me right away.

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Cool cool cool… been a hectic weekend with a lot of work and I love it. I’m fired up to day and ready to drop some bombs on the topics for StreamerSpace tonight. This is going to be an exciting week at LiveSpace and working with clients as well. Anyway I’m so ready for this week and I hope you’re fired up as well! Let’s create the best content we’ve ever created this week!




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