Twitch Branding: Understanding Layout

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One of those things that are often overlooked in Twitch branding is something as simple as layout. It’s not that people don’t have layouts. It’s that most designers and DIY streamers don’t really know what layout means.

What’s a layout?

For a lot of people layout is simply synonymous with design and the style. However layout is the placement of things on the “page”. In the world of Twitch branding we can then extend that to text placement as well.

While layout might sound like it will solve itself there’s a lot more to it than one might expect. For instance the placement of your camera or where you alerts appear is all part of the layout. That’s the simple part of course.

When we get into how certain thing flow we start to get into something a bit more advanced. There’s a few key things when it comes to getting a layout to both flow and to aid your viewers. For that we have to look at the layout as communication. It’s there to direct attention where you want there to be attention.

How to use it and find inspiration

When you now have a better understanding of what a layout is it’s time to started on the construction. The most common things to look at to get started have been to look at websites, games and apps. While it’s true that they all have layouts that both has readability, clarity and design flow. However all of those are still withing certain restrictions. A website has to use code and has to adhere to the browser and window size, or screen size. With that comes certain design restrictions in the layout that don’t all translate to a Twitch branding layout.

Why? Well your starting screens, break screens and so on don’t adhere to window size in the same way. For instance if you broadcast in 16 by 9 the viewer will get a 16 by 9 feed. They don’t get 1 by 1 or 16 by 10, or whatever other resolution their screen might have.

There is a size difference of course but there’s not that much that can be done about it since that’s how video works. Of course we can adjust for that as well by understanding that we need to up the readability for those that are on mobile.For instance having chat on screen if 90% of your viewers are on mobile might not be the best idea since 90% of your viewers can’t properly see the text without a magnifying glass.

Still for the most part there are almost no restrictions on how you can place things on your screens. This open the door for a lot more than just simple inspiration and can go beyond what you might think.


So instead we can start to look at other places where there are less restrictions. Personally I’ve been looking at editorial design since it uses layout principles and readability and flow are extremely important to guide the reader.

They also don’t have any restrictions beyond the size of the page. I can promise you that the second you start to look at editorial design you will start to see a lot more interesting concepts and ideas for your stream than before.

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