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Twitch branding is “dead”

By 13 April, 2019 No Comments

Well that’s a very harsh line to draw, isn’t it? Perhaps. I guess at the end of the day there never were any Twitch branding to begin with. It was really all a sham. For those that have read any of my articles in the past it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I’ve been vocal about what Twitch branding as become to stand for. For the longest time I’ve said that it’s a visual identity that most streamers (to be specific it’s small streamers) want/has. It’s a faux sense of branding and sure the shell might look pretty but the true – actual – branding is empty.

If you actually want your stream to grow, and I assume that almost everyone reading this wants to grow their stream, there’s plenty of things that you probably should adress before even thinking about a visual identity.

The core concept here is that you most likely have no idea if you have a brand, and at the same time it’s possible that you have a brand and have no clue what that is.

Branding and visual identity

Branding is not the logo and it’s not the colors you’ve randomly picked. While they’re part of branding it’s not even the main thing. This distinction goes against what a lot of smaller streamers think but to able to further grow this is a mindset that needs to be left behind, sooner rather than later. The true importance is because once a streamer (small, medium or big) buys “Twitch branding” they think that’s it. They’re can now grow faster and build a better stream. While it can give a boost, the placebo is real, it holds nothing to what actual branding can do for a Twitch streamer.

What we really need to adress is the basics, the most fundamental theories, about branding. Without understanding those you’re randomly aiming to hit the bulls-eye. It should go without saying that YES some do hit the bulls-eye by randomly throwing darts — and if you want to guess and hope to fall into the right place that’s your choice, it wouldn’t be mine since I rather aim and fine-tune my skills to give myself a better chance from my hard work.

Too often streamers that has made it subscribe to the theory of “I really just got lucky” and it spreads like a plague to smaller streamers. It’s almost never the reality. Their success is based on starting to stream, sticking to it, building a branding (conscious or unconsciously — dosen’t really matter) and doing that one thing that they say was “lucky” forgetting all of the things they did before that. Don’t do that. Instead set yourself up for success. Is it easy? Hell no. Is it easy to do? Hell no. It takes time, work and dedication. If you have that then you’re already far ahead.

Are you ready for it to take 10 years before you’re a big streamer? Then you’re ready to start building a brand.

Building a brand

Here’s a few fundamental questions that you should be able to answer. It’s a great first step towards understanding your brand and how to build that on Twitch and on social media. It will also show you where to find your audience and how to craft a way to communicate with your future audience.

  • What’s your stream about?
  • Who is it for?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they do once they’re in your channel?
  • How do you want them to interact with you?
  • How do you communicate with them?

Is there more to it? Of course there is. But this is a solid start and it will give you a lot more than a logo, alerts or a color ever will.

Is it really “dead dead”?

Is it really “dead dead”?

No of course not. Twitch branding, in it’s real sense is around and will always be around. What should be dead is how we use the term today. If we don’t stop using that it’s going to be almost impossible to really get to the real issues and actual growth of a channel.

Now more than ever real Twitch branding is more important than ever. In such a crowded space there’s a true need to understand that and the difference between actual Twitch branding and visual identity. And visual identity is a thing but it should not be your main concern.

If all you’re looking for in Twitch branding is a logo, alerts, color or “something new” you’re missing the benefits on crafting a Twitch brand.



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