Twitch Branding: Colors and Moods

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This is the first part of  a Twitch branding series that I will be doing. It’s going to cover my entire process in more detail than ever before. It will be the best starting point if you’re looking to create your own Twitch branding or looking to create for someone else.

Understanding the mood

Twitch branding

Typical Moodboard

If you’ve ever read any of my case studies you’ve probably seen that I do moodboards. These might seem trivial and I do often mention that they’re great since it’s easier to talk about something visual when you have something visual to look at, and while that’s true it’s not the entire truth.

So what is the mood? The mood of Twitch branding is a lot more important than you might think. While yes the first visual imprint is important and it gives you an addition to the story. The mood of Twitch branding It’s the overall first feel when you come to a Twitch channel. It’s more than just the color and it’s more than just the style. Those two are parts of the mood. The mood is even more so the story of the channel. It’s how everything else plays together.

This is why I have this as the very first step in my process. It has equal amount of importance throughout the entire project process.

When doing this for someone else it’s important to ask a questions. As many and specific as you can. It’s more so about them than anything else. For instance I never go “what style do you like?” as a first questions. Even when I do ask it I take it with a grain of salt and I often frame it a bit different to get a better answer. The reason why I do that is since most streamers aren’t designers and have little, to no, idea about the different design styles and, even less so, the history behind them.

I tend to frame the question in a more indirect way. For instance I ask if they’ve seen something they liked or a general thought about styles they like. I don’t even care that much about any specific design terms to be thrown around.

If you’re going it for yourself those questions are still important. Even if you might think that you know yourself already and you know what brand it is that you want… you might not. The funny thing is that even if you think you know those things as soon as you start asking yourself questions about the mood of your brand a lot of it will start to fall apart.

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. I often challenge my clients pretty hard and it’s not about agreeing with them but rather finding the right path. You need to do the same for yourself.

I would say if you’re going to do it for yourself you can head of to my contact form. It has a bunch of questions and those are really great establishing questions for Twitch branding. There’s plenty of times that clients have actually gotten a lot out of answering those questions. Even if I didn’t end up working with them they really did enjoy answering the questions they might have even thought about before.

Understanding the colors

Twitch branding

Color Wheel

When it comes to colors, and while it’s part of the mood, they also play an important role. Colors have meaning… and a lot of it… and not only that that meaning can changes depending on a culture and usage and more.

For instance the color RED. Red can be mean rage, anger or injury (blood) but at the same time it can also mean romantic, love, passion and so on. The same color can have a lot of meaning and even cultural.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because a color isn’t as simple as just picking a color that you like. As you saw with red it can have different meaning depending on how you apply it to the mood of the Twitch branding.

We could use the red to create the mood of love but we could also use the color red to create something powerful. Both are valid but both has a different approach in how the color is applied.

With that comes how we combine it with other colors and the amount of color that we use. Even such a thing as slight hue difference between two colors can end up giving two different impressions.

For a designer this means that you have a lot of thing to play with. It also means that you need to really understand the direction of the Twitch branding project that you’re working on. We once again can ask about what color they like but don’t stop there. Keep going. Why do they like that color? Explain to them what that color means. Even if they don’t like you as a designer, hopefully, knows all of the meanings and how to combine the colors to get the right meaning.

If you’re doing this for your own Twitch branding there’s a few ways to get around it. If there’s a color that you like or you don’t know what color you want to use. A great way to start is to start looking into color theory. It’s one of the most powerful “tools” that any designer has. The understanding not only of meaning of color but also how the colors play against each other.

I went to school to really learn this stuff but you don’t really need to do that. You can simply Google “Basic Color Theory” and get some great results. Or you can Google “Meaning of Colors”. That should hopefully give you a basic understanding of how colors work. However it dosen’t really show you exactly how to combine the colors on a 1 to 1, even if we can see the color wheel there’s seldom a way to see the exact colors.

For that we can use things like Adobe Kuler or Sessions Color Calculator. Both of these are free but they’re also far from the only ones that’s out there. There’s also sites that collects great color combinations or have their own combination generators.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you like the start of this series and if you do please let me know on Twitter or drop in the Discord channel to let me know. I don’t have a schedule for the next installment but I’ll push them in when I have nothing else to write.

If you’re looking for your own Twitch branding you can check out my professional Twitch branding services, and get in touch. 



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