Twitch branding and what it does

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Twitch is crowded and we know it. It might always seem like it but even bigger streamers can feel this. Getting through all of that when you’re a new streamer however can be one one hardest things for any to figure out. I’m not saying that I have the solution but I can give you a bit of information about  the mindset that I takes to get there.

Still thinking about Twitch branding?

Twitch branding, often talked about but not always talked about in the right way, is often what’s going to allow you to be seen in a ocean of the same content as yours. However you might still get viewers and maybe even regulars however here’s the thing that even when they know your name as the ocean gets even more crowded even the names will start to sound the same.

Twitch branding isn’t what your overlay looks like or how cool your avatar is. Instead it’s all about communication and it’s a way for you to communicate with a audience you don’t even have yet. What does it communicate? Your image? You name? Sort of but what it really communicate is what you stand for and your personality, even if it’s a made up character, company or  a organization.

This allows you not only to find our audience but also to find those that will actually like you and your values. This is the key feature in any brand, even those that you might not like. They know what audience they’re trying to reach, in some cases it’s honest and in other dishonest. But can you’re say that they’re not effective in what they do? What makes them be so effective?

Keep it all clear

It’s all about having a clear message. We love to talk about everything that we do to show people how interesting we are. While that’s not a bad thing to share when we’re trying to be clear in our communication (branding) we need to remember that the more we add the more muddied that message will be. You’re only going to end up confusing the audience or potential audience.

Your brand is everything. That means that a good brand will show who you are all the time. Even if the name isn’t on there or even if your avatar isn’t visible your brand should still be able to been seen even at a glance. The only way is to really get something that reflects your brand, you and what you want to communicate. Allow it to be a narrative instead of static photo of you at one point in time.

While the core of your message might be tagline that almost never changes. You brand message don’t have to be the same. It’s actually the opposite and the strongest channels that have survived over the years have been able to adjust according to growth, new games, new Twitch features and a changing audience.

So what are the important steps?

Yes I’ve talked about this before but that was awhile back and I want to keep reminding you.

Come up with adjectives that explains your channel. Happy? Casual? and don’t stop after the first few but keep going the more the better. The first few ones are probably pretty generic and will blend in with other similar brands.

What’s the emotion that you want your audience to feel? This is a lot more important than what you might thing. However the key here is to that you don’t need to be over creative. It’s to key on on that one thing and sometimes it the most basic things that works when it comes to emotions. Anger, love etc. are basic but they work for that reason.

What value are you giving to your audience? This is what differentiates you from others. If you give the same thing other streamers already can give you’re going to fall behind them. The importance here is not only to stand out but to stand out so it fits into what your passions are about. What drives you to make your channel something that you can’t get in other places? If it’s you what is that thing that will make you stand out among thousands of other channels?

Lastly all of this need to connect back to the target audience that you want to reach. In business you can often start with your target audience but when it comes to something as personal as a Twitch channel we need to start with ourselves before anything else. No one wants to run a stream for years that don’t really aligns with what we ourselves can connect with be it with love, emotes, feel, ambitions and values.

All of the words you can come up with here don’t need to be used in your Twitch branding but it’s a step in the right direction and will allow you to start thinking in new ways.

You can check out below what I can offer in terms of Twitch branding below. The writing above is only a slice of the whole cake and how you can create a well thought out Twitch brand. Twitch branding can be tricky but with the right push you’re on the right path at least.

Great start to a new week! I’m always hyped about all of the upcoming things. I must say that I need to take a better look at how assign work to others. I’ve been learning it for the last couple of weeks but I need to really get into it before I can say that I’ve started to get a real grasp on it. Also love… love is great and I hope that you have it for your channel and your audience. If you love your audience before they love you they’re going to give you back even more love.




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