The meaning of a picking a Twitch name

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There’s a lot of things behind a name but I don’t want this to be “change your name” thing. I want it to be away for you to think about your current name and what you can think if you decide to use a different name for your branding.

You don’t actually need to change your Twitter handle, Twitch name or anything else to change your name. While it helps for people to find you using native tools on social media with good communication you can still change it after the fact and without having to start a new Twitch name. Hopefully we’ll be able to change our Twitch usernames in the future.

Why bother with a name?

Why is the name or the brand name such an important aspect? It’s the very first impression that your future audience will have of you. When we look at how many different Twitch streamers with so many different names the mere fact that you and your name can stand on it’s own can be a vital part of your overall strategy to grow your Twitch channel.

Names tend to fall under 3 categories when it comes to most brands, and Twitch channels, these fall under: literal, metaphoric and fanciful.

Literal names can be “Daniel Plays Destiny”, it describes that I (Daniel) plays Destiny on my stream. It’s very straight forward allowing for a clear brand and easy for anyone to understand what I do and who I am. However the downside is that it’s restrictive in what I can build from it and if I choose to keep using it’s going to conflict with those that wants to see a Daniel play Destiny.

Metaphorical names are going to make you think about the Twitch channel and what it means beyond the regular usage of the name. For instance Livestream Heroes could be a channel that does fundraising. With that name it opens up a lot of doors for branding and still allows you to build something with it’s own story and identity.

Fanciful names are the ones that we see the most of on Twitch. It’s your itmeJP, Summit1G, Hafu etc.  To someone on the outside they’re random names picked from a hat. They don’t describe anything about the Twitch channel in question. However what it allows us to do is to build our own identity and our own story from scratch. This is going to give you the most freedom and sets you up to do a lot of different things with your Twitch channel.

What works for you

As mentioned metaphorical and fanciful are ready for you to build who you are and allows you to break through the way that you want. However, and this could be the deal breaker for many, it will take longer and takes a bigger marketing effort to get there.

The same way that a  game can be over saturated so can a literal and metaphorical name be over saturated. When something alludes to the same thing you’re going to start running into a wall over and over again. The best way is to look at your competition; what are you doing that they’re not doing? Find the key points that makes your Twitch channel unique and special. Or could the similarities be a good thing? When trying to stand out a fanciful name will allow you to stand out but literal names that can quickly describe your Twitch channel or your similarities.

What’s next?

There’s no one way to figure out a name and there’s no guarantee that the name you’ve picked will work until your Twitch audience starts to interact with it. But by taking time and think about how you can use your name to market yourself can be a good start. It won’t matter if you’re about to pick a name, changing your brand or already have a name understanding the advantages and disadvantages will allow you to get a leg up on other Twitch channels.

Allowing the meaning and the usage of your name be a part of how your community evolves. It’s not strange that communities


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