Personal Branding for Twitch streamers

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You are you, you are your personal brand

One of the best lessons I’ve ever gotten about personal branding is; that everyone has it. I have a personal brand and you have a personal brand. This might be the most basic way of looking at it, but also the best way for someone that think they don’t have any personal branding because you do.

My Personal BrandingWe can take me as an easy example. As you read this or maybe read my Twitter feed, hopefully, you’ll see someone that is trustworthy, insightful, professional and works hard. That’s at least the personal brand that I want to show everyone. I don’t post images of my dog or of what I had for lunch, and I never will. Even the way I write this article is part of my personal branding.Furthermore my workflow and process is becoming a part of my personal brand, those things are unique to me. Even if someone would do the same work as me, firstly they would be a few years behind and secondly if they tried my process it wouldn’t be the same. That’s my fingerprint and my personal brand.

For a streamer then?

The same goes for a streamer. What you do on your stream, how you act towards your viewers, the way curate your twitter, your overlays and visual identity is all your personal brand. You actually might not want put all of your personality on screen, and I would actually advise against that. Take a look at me; you see me as a graphic designer and brand consultant for streamers but I’m also a musician and filmmaker HOWEVER that’s not the personal brand that I want to present to everyone. I’ve made conscious decision to shape my personal brand for the sake of growing my business and let’s face it you as a streamer is a business. There’s nothing wrong with re-branding or reinvent if you feel that you are on the wrong path, I did and maybe you should as well. It’s only this stubbornness to not raise the level that will hinder you from growth.

Take a moment to think about how others perceives you and compare that to how you want to be perceived, and if they are going towards the same goal. Then make the decision if you want to shape your personal brand or let it be the way that it is. For a stream it’s all about personality, so how are you injecting your personality into you stream? What expectations are you putting on your viewer and what story are you telling? You maybe already have these things in the back of your head but never put them down as a personal brand. Take a pen and paper and write down you think your personal brand is.

You want your viewers to associate you with your personal brand. But if you have no idea what your brand is and have no intent to shape it, you probably won’t be able to grow at the rate that you want. If you want your viewers to see you as funny, easygoing and crazy then you actively shape it instead of letting it shape you, because that’s something you have no control over. You want to focus on is actually what makes you you and that’s what’s unique and authentic about you. It’s not about being something you’re not. A great example is CohhCarnage you can instantly associate him with behing a PG-13 streamer that’s happy and helpful. The PG-13 is a conscious decision, being happy and helpful is who he is and a part of himself that he choose to highlight because it makes him him.  It has all helped him build a very strong personal brand that has worked great.

Visual identity and personal branding

Your visual identity isn’t you personal branding! Your visual identity is there to strengthen, and leave an imprint of, your personal branding/branding. Having a cohesive visual brand will help you further convey that this is part of you. IF you are going differ away from it in any form you need to understand why you’re doing it and there needs to be a reason, keep it intentional, relatable and be a part of your story.

People want to put you in a box, it’s easy accessible and fast to understand. Remember that you’re in a space where information comes and goes faster than ever. If you can’t grab in an instance you need to grab over time. Visual identity grabs and explains your personal brand at a glance but you personal brand is what build the trust, grow your stream, grow your community and gives you longevity.

Let’s repeat

You should question what how you want to be perceived. Then ask a few people in your community how they see you or if you’re starting out ask a few friends, or even better ask a friend to ask others. Take that information and compare those two to each other and see where they diverge and where they consolidate. Now from that you can start to make decisions that are related to your personal brand and start shaping it.

Don’t stop shaping it. There’s never a moment where you should stop thinking about your personal brand. This is not a set it and forget it moment. You have to constantly shape your personal branding so it lines up with where you want to take your stream.

Use your personal brand to help your visual brand and let the visual brand strengthen your personal brand. If they diverge across your stream, twitter and other platforms, at least let them all tell the same story.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day you need to be you, albeit a revisited and edit version of you, never stop being you but think about what others think of you and of that connects with where you want to be. You need to have the content to backup what your marketing in your personal brand of course. If you’re hype is so big but you can’t deliver the content that you’re presenting in your personal brand, you will lose in the long run.

This is a topic I can revisit many times, and I will. It’s also something I will expand on in future articles. If there’s a specific topic you want me to talk about send me a message on Twitter.

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