Looking at Twitch branding from another perspective

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A very common mistake for streamers that do their own branding, and there’s nothing wrong with that, is that they forget that it’s not themselves that needs to understand the branding but the person that’s visiting that needs to understand it. This issue remains when a designer that don’t really have a grasp on the process and only go through style instead of substance (very common mistake for new designers).

The presentation in Twitch branding

I get a lot of my research from the ones to write to me through the contact form, send messages on Discord or even on reddit (and by the way always feel free to send me questions) and that’s how I write these articles so tailor made for streamers. It’s not me sitting there thinking about what a streamer might want to hear about but instead it’s actual long from responses to actual issues that streamers have.

What these streamers are presenting is their idea of themselves, and while that’s not a bad thing in general, but when presented as from only their perspective you get something that no one else understands. They’ve lived and known themselves, or at least think think they know themselves, since they were born so while YES that color represents you and that style represents you to you, but how would I,who’ve known about you for a total of 1 minutes, know the relevance and all that history?

That’s where a lot of branding goes very wrong, very fast. When there’s the slightest disconnection between you and the audience. They don’t know every little detail about you that you know. If that’s not presented in a way that’s easily accessible on a first viewing it’s not going to grab someone attention the right way.

Breaking the code of Twitch branding

The problem, for smaller streamers, is that a lot of streamers that are big don’t have this problem and therefore think that if they copy the style they’ll get the same result. The reason is because they’re already famous or  they’ve already have built an audience. So that means people already know who they are and that branding is the reflection of them. Sadly these are often the branding that others see and want to have for themselves. They copy the style and try to mimic the personalty but in that they loose themselves and their own identity. We don’t need to see another, probably sub-par version, of that streamer! We want to see you at your best! When starting out the more clear your message is the better it’s going to be for you.

What you need to do is to look at your branding from an outsider perspective. Not from a friend perspective, not from family and not your own and not your mod team. They can all be involved in the development but they all already know you and therefore will overlook the overall picture. It’s not your current viewership that needs convincing it’s the ones that you want to end up being your viewerbase that needs that first push in the right direction.

The questions you need for your Twitch branding

You need to understand: Where are people coming from? Why are they coming from there? When are they coming to my channel? What do they see when they come to my page? What’s the first impression? What is the message that you want to send a visitor?

By answering those questions you’ll get a leg up on at least 90% of other channels out there at the moment. When you’re able to balance the style and the personal touch with your message that’s when you’re going to get the most out of your branding.


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Hey! Thank you for reading! Today is another holiday in Sweden and tomorrow is what we like to call “klämdag”, basically it’s a non-holiday day (or two) right before a weekend so we say F it and take a long weekend. Going to start dedicating this section to one or two Swedish words each article. That’s “lagom”, a strange word that means; just enough but not too much or too little.

Let me also introduce The Experience it’s a way to see the process that you as a client can expect when working with me. I hope it’s an interesting read even if you’re not going to hire me.

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