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If you’ve read my articles for sometime now you probably have pretty good insight into how I think. Still I’m sure that there’s things that you would want to ask or things that a specific for your channel.

While I do try to be as broad as possible and always leave it open so that you can apply it to your own channel. I know that I could do even more for you if I got to sit down and talk with you. That’s why I’ve decided to make my consultation talks even more public than before.

For a few months now I’ve been having these 10-60 minute talks with streamers of different sizes and different problems. You can find a few of them in my highlights on Twitch. While I have mentioned that I do these talks in my Twitch panels and on stream I’ve never really made it public knowledge here.

Book a consultation

You can actually book a consultation meeting right now yourself. I’ve setup a booking system on my website where all you need to do is click on a date and a time on that day that works for you. Do keep in mind that all the times are in Eastern Time (EST/EDT).

Do also keep in mind that all of these consultation meetings will be live on my Twitch channel. That’s the only way that I can make these free otherwise the investment for you would start to pile up quickly.

I know that they’re early in the morning for the US. This is because I don’t want them to interfere with your regular streaming times. It also has to do with that I’m in Sweden so it’s actually around 4—7PM CET (Central European Time) my time.

Go and book yourself a meeting right now:

Why do this now?

At first I wanted to put this here and on my website but I decided against it since I wanted to warm up to it first. I’ve now done a few on my stream and a few in private as well (paid ones). I feel a lot more comfortable when I do it in the pubic space than before so that’s why I’ve decided to put it out here as well.

If you’re interested in the Twitch branding services that I offer you should check out my portfolio as well. 



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