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I love that the word personal branding on Twitch have popped up more and more instead of only the word branding. Therefor also think it’s time that we revisit the topic once again and really break it down into paragraphs that you easily can follow and apply to yourself and your channel.

Your story before

Storytelling is personal branding on Twitch

Storytelling is personal branding on Twitch

I’m going to keep talking about story for personal branding on Twitch. It’s all about the story you tell. Here I want you to figure out your story until now. Where did you come from? Where have you been? How did you end up on Twitch? Why did you start streaming? There’s a ton of different questions but it all comes down to your past. If you’re lost you can start looking even further back. You can look as far back as your childhood if you’re unsure how you ended up where you are today. Passions, hobbies, things you loved as a kid, the list goes on as well.

Your story in the future

We’re still talking story here. However it’s all about where you are headed right now. What’s the next step? Where do you want to take your stream? Any question that will help you analyze the future of your channel. Why is this important? It might not feel as it is that important right now but through out this you’re going to keep going back to this, and the last paragraph, it will show how much of this is important for personal branding on Twitch.

Beyond the coin

No matter if you’re in it for the money (I shouldn’t be a bad thing but you also have to understand what it takes) or if it’s all the passion. There going to be money involved eventually, be it subscriptions or donations. However that might be far from now, so are you willing to work for free? If no, then leave. If yes, then what’s the reason you want to keep doing it? It’s important since it’s what will drive you forward and let you enjoy when things isn’t going as you had thought. Look at your story so far and where you’re headed. You already have a outline there, you only need to identify it.

Target audience

I still hear people say everyone when I ask them about what’s their target audience. How are you ever going to be able to find everyone? If you’re going to try and appeal to everyone you’ll end up appealing to no one. Look at everything you have written down so far to get a grasp of the target audience might be. It will also help your marketing and eventually the next time you re-evaluate your stream. In marketing it will help to identify where you audience hangs out, is on Reddit? On a specific gaming site? Snapchat?

Your subscribers

These are the people mostly impacted by what you do. They are the ones that have seen enough value to subscribe for one month, or two or even more than that. They are also the ones you should listen to but you shouldn’t be afraid to go for whatever you feel you want to. The reason? They are already dedicated to your stream so say you make a change they will most likely still remain. It’s the un-dedicated that might leave but after you re-evaluate you can see where you can find another source of subscribers.

What do they get?

Now this can be a bit harder to figure out. They’ve already seen value in you right? And it probably due to they seeing a entertainment value in you. But it might be a thousand other things that will be the reason, but in the end it’s all about the value they feel they have been given. This is how it goes: give, give, give, give, give, ask (that give can go on for awhile and you already have a ask if you have a subscriber button or a donation button). That doesn’t mean it ends there it will keep going: give, give, give, give, ask, give, give, give, ask, give, give, ask etc. this cycle will never end and should never it. If it’s ever ask, ask ask, ask that’s the moment you will loose the race.

How do people see you?

We have already taken a look at how you want to be seen. However sometimes the audience defines you differently. If what you’re putting forward is trying to be professional and high production value but people see you as the opposite? Then you’re obviously doing something wrong. However that doesn’t mean it is wrong. If it’s generating subscribers and viewers then it’s right, your’re just heading your personal branding in the wrong way. You have two choices, either roll with the punches and adjust/re-evaluate your personal branding or you have to look at your personal branding as it’s missing the point and you need push it in harder to really sell what it is you want to put forward.

Streamers around you

You can see other channels as competition, and maybe you should at least the ones that have the same target audience. What you should look at is how they’re marketing, what they’re doing etc. The one thing I want you to focus in is WHY, keep asking yourself WHY about everything they do. Then do the same at you, your channel and your content. Looking at your surrounding but only on what they do but also on what they don’t do. It’s chance to break away from the norm, to find a niche or target audience that don’t really feel as if they’re being catered to yet. Build your tribe, lead your tribe.

It’s about what you give

Give, give, give, give will build your personal branding on Twitch

Give, give, give, give, give…

The main thing you’re giving is entertainment. At least in broad sense that’s what most on Twitch do. There are others that do other things but even then it can still be viewed as entertainment. This is your greatest value, service and asset. There is no questions to ask here, you only need to realize that it’s the reason and later it might translate into a community, but that community is there for entertainment. Remember the give, give, give, ask? If what you’re giving is giveaways then you’re going to have to keep giving that forever. If you can live with that then do it. If you identified something else during the last couple of paragraphs. Then that’s what you should focus on giving more of.

In conclusion

You should have a great look over you personal brand right now. Knowing all of these things you could put it down into a short phrase. You can see it as “tagline”, but don’t use a tagline for your stream, it’s better on Twitch if you let that grow naturally. If you understand your “tagline” you can make that into a mantra almost and I promise you that people will pick up on it. That will eventually create words around you, people are great at putting name to things and pick up on phrases that you say, so don’t worry about that.

I hope that it makes a bit more sense with personal branding now. I know this is really condensed down into small paragraphs and it only fraction of what there is you can learn about it.

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