Do you need your own website as a Twitch streamer?

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Do you need a website be a successful streamer? No you really don’t. Do you need a website as you grow? Yes you do. There’s really no question there if you want to get serious about brand awareness and being able to have full control over your marketing.

You need to have your own domain/server

I mentioned that it help with your brand awareness and markting. These are two key things when it comes to having control over how people find you and your content. I’ve written articles about SEO before and tried to cover how best you can create SEO content for you Twitch channel. However the hard fact is that when it’s not your site you have almost no control.

For this you’re going to need a website. Long gone are the days when people said that “oh no all you need is a Facebook page”. As Google have taken over how we find things and how things find their way into Google Now or any other service that Google might present in the future. Really when I talk SEO it’s not only Google but any and all search engines out there.

When you have this kind of control over the SEO and over the content of the site you’re going to be able to found easier. You can create content that’s would be interesting to you audience and, even more important, your future audience. How do I know this? Well you can search for “Twitch branding” on Google and you can see what ranks number 2 right below the official Twitch website (I probably won’t beat that… but I can try).

Here’s the thing even if I write all this stuff about SEO, and it sounds like magic to you, don’t worry it’s not that hard. You don’t even need to worry about it actually as long as you have content and that content stays around and you add more over time your rank will go up as well. Google loves text and it loves content so if that’s something you’re going to provide Google will love you more than someone that don’t have that. Share your story!

We’re also able to track and analyse the data. If you don’t have control over your site (and I mean more than entering text in a Twitch panel) you’re not going to be able input any data beyond what’s offered to you on that site. I love Google Analytics and it allows me to see where people come from, where my posts have been shared, how people find the site, how the interact with it and what keyword they use. All of these are extremely vital information when you’re going into actually figuring out what you’re doing right and what you can work on to get better with.

If I see that there’s a lot of clicks coming from a certain site or forum. You can be damned sure that I’m going to go there sign up and start to interact with them. That’s where my audience is and that’s where I’m going to get the most of out my audience.

“I can’t afford it!”

If you can afford to stream you can afford to have a website. Let’s get this right getting a website costs you around $30 a year, that’s $0,008 a day, and that’s with a domain name included. “But I can’t make one and that costs money” it can, but it dosen’t have to. You can go to and download their platform and install it on your webserver and in some cases your host might even have a step by step guide on how to install it. It will take about 3 clicks and you have it installed.

After that you can go to ThemeForest and buy a theme you like, install that by uploading it from your WordPress dashboard. After that you have a website ready to fill with content and you haven’t written any code what so ever. Don’t want to pay for a theme? There’s free themes out there that you can easily find on Google. It’s really that simple when it comes to using something like WordPress. There’s a ton of other ways as well from Drupal to Joomla.

I would highly advice you from using a service where you have a website on their server for free. You won’t have the control that you’re going to need and if you ever decide to create your own you’re going to run into a lot of SEO issues when the only thing that comes up is that free (often bad looking) site instead of your new domain.

There’s places like SquareSpace that offers a website builder for a monthly fee. That’s of course an option if you get a domain name for it as well. But you’re still not in full control even if you can do a lot with SquareSpace. Hopefully one day we’re going to see a service that specifically caters towards Twitch streamers and livestreamers in general. Where they look towards what you need and what you might want instead of you having to duct tape it all together.

The content on the site

The easy way out is to embed your stream and write a litte bit about yourself. However remember what I wrote about Google liking content? Yeah that means that you probably should have more content than just little bit of info. The more information the better and even better if you can have blog or somewhere where you can put highlights/clips from your stream. Or why not fan-art, schedule, pc specs, rules, social media links, tip apperception, user generated content, community pages, contact form, polls etc.

What about an app?

Well this is a different story all together. An app probably isn’t a necessity for that many streamers. However what you’re going to get from a app are things you can’t get from a website (even if it’s responsive). When I first mentioned it on Twitter I got tweet (from MobLord) wondering what the benefits would be and I responded with these: Push notifications, offline access, camera access, calendar, combine with other apps, brand awareness and that was only to mention a few.

Let me further explain each of them. First of all the push notifications can be killer here. Being able to inform those that might not be in your stream or not always spending time on Twitter. There’s hundreds of different ways you could utilize push notifications but that’s for us to solve as we move forward.

Offline access might not sound that interesting but sometimes you just don’t have a good connection but you want to find out when the next stream takes place. Well here you can have all that info right in front of you from the last time you accessed the app in the calendar. To take this further, and while speaking about the calendar, you could integrate it into your phones calendar and the user can set reminders.

Having direct access to the camera will also allow you to do new types of giveaways and show other brands that you can create excitement around your stream. Let’s say that you tell people to take a photo or record a video of them and the stream during a sponsored stream. There you have it you now have proof that your audience actually care about the product. You could also add in a QR reader and show that on stream to enter into giveaways.

There’s way too many different things that we could go over and create here but I also want to, again, say that having a app is far away from something you’re going to need before a website.

Tomorrow I’m going to a after work party… it’s massive… 300 people. Anyway the LiveSpace team is now ready to go crazy and we have some really cool things in two weeks. The thing is they’re actually almost done and will both be done by the end of this week BUT since I’m going away on a short vacation I can’t really do the articles justice until after I’m back. Check out below if you want to know more about what I can do for you in terms of Twitch branding!




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