Casy Study: Cullen9 Twitch Branding

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Cullen9 recenetly won the r/Twitch Bi-Weekly Creative Contest, and if you’re reading this in the future he’s a previous winner of said contest, it’s always great to get to work with other creative people and not only with gaming streamers (even if creative streamers are gamers as well). In this case we wanted to create a cohesive and down to earth feel that could further highlight what what you can expect from Cullen even at a glance.


What we have here actually pretty straight forward and the more straight forward a the clearer the message is. When the message is clear you can “sell” better (I’m going to start using that term more and more) that doesn’t mean it’s a monetary sale. You can sell someone on an idea, a concept or your Twitch channel. The ability to sell will be reflected in how well your message is sent out and how you are able to position your sales pitch… but this is a case study so I’m going to save that for a future article.

Anyway the concept is papercraft and in this case advanced/high-tech papercraft. A highlight interactive yet educational stream where you both can enjoy the creativeness but also you yourself take your first steps into the world of papercraft.


As always the very first thing me and Cullen did was to have a talk about what his channel is all about and how we best can portray that in the branding and visual spectrum. Cullen actually created his own moodboard something that’s great not something that is 100% needed if the client don’t actually know exactly what they want.

They share a few similarities and that’s probably because I saw his before I got to create my own. I was also able to talk to him before I made mine. What I got from the conversation was a warm and inviting with a focus on Cullen’s craft. I knew I wanted to implement material design, since that’s based in paper, but I also didn’t want to stay in the realm of skeuomorphic in some ways.

I actually had bunch of different ideas while putting together the moodboard but some of them had to be shelved since they didn’t end up working. One that I wanted but just didn’t work was having more of a calligraphy text. The reason why it didn’t work was that it all became way too busy and lacked a certain direction. I don’t think it’s impossible to implement calligraphy themed things but in this case it didn’t work.


As always the very first thing I get started on is the avatar and sketching of said avatar. I knew I wanted to implement papercraft and started to sketch on something very ambitions. This, very much like with the calligraphy, ended up being a problem due to the fact that I couldn’t be used as an avtar and it made it hard implement a few other things.

Made a decision to make the avatar more visible in all sizes and using papercraft-esque characters to connect it back to Cullen, not that Cullen’s face wasn’t enough, but wanted to have that first look “oh it’s papercraft” or “oh it’s that guy that made that papercraft thing”. The faster we can get that across the better and we can then start to tell the entire story in the rest of the visual aspects.

These are not the final versions but the ones that I presented (not the sketch) to Cullen for a review. One thing that we discovered pretty fast wast that the beard was a bit too dark. That’s something that didn’t really came through in the reference images but something that I later changed. Another thing that changed was the papercraft dragon and tiger. As you can see they’re color in a orange tone, since we wanted to have something warm, however it didn’t translate very well as I started to work on the rest of the visual branding, if you keep reading/looking you’ll get to see the change.


As you can see below the color of the papercraft was addressed to look more like paper. For the keen eye you can even see that I even changed the outline on the avatar to better fit in with the design that I came up with. Of course the color of the beard was changed to better match the real-life Cullen.

I landed on using only a few colors in this case. Allowing the red to give it warmth and balance it with a warm de-saturated deep purple. They give it a rustic yet modern feel that also is reflected in the typografi used. For the main text I, that first was intended to be calligraphy, I landed on something that still was close to handwritten but with clear lines. To again balance that I used a rounded typeface that had characteristics from old typewriters.

As you can see in the background there’s tools and a cutting mat. These are all tools that Cullen actually uses to create papercraft and from that we build the story up. All of these assets are seperated out so they can be moved around and roatate to fit in different situations.

In the Twitch panels you can see that I again take the concept of the papercraft and apply it to each icon. Maintain both colors and the same feel as the rest of the design.


As you can see there have been a few minor changes but also a great deal of additions. Most notably is the papercraft overlay, social media banners, avatar and a complete set of Twitch panels. Everything has the same theme and and idea running through. You would never think that something is not supposed to there or feel out of place when put next to each other.

There’s a small change that I missed in these preview, but Cullen got the final files with the update for all of the Cullen9 Twitch branding. That’s the Instagram and Twitter links are wrong it’s: CuCullen9 on both Twitter and Instagram.



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Start of the week and I’m so pumped to get going on all of my new projects!

I have no idea how many reads all the way down here but I’m looking to organize a Twitch meetup in southern Sweden.  It wouldn’t be only for Swedish streamers but open for anyone form Europe. I also know that if you’re going to make that trip you want more then some people meeting at a bar. 

So over the next months or so I’m going to see if there’s any interest at all and then I’ll get the ball rolling with companies and I’m ready to invest my own funds as well. If you have ideas or work at a company that you would think would be interested in helping out send me a business e-mail.



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