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Case study: Weak3n Logo

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Weak3n Logo

Weak3n is a Twitch partner but also a SMITE player that have played for organizations like EnVyUs. He wanted to move away from his current logo/mascot of a scorpion and that’s where I came in to create the new Weak3n logo. Logos is one of those things that I’ll dedicate an entire article to next week so you really can see why and when one is needed.


Me and Weak3n talked a bit over Skype so I better could understand what was needed and who he is. The scorpion was to go away and instead what was needed was something more directly linked to the Weak3n name. My idea was to make it something clean, modern and flexible (I’ll explain that later).


Weak3n logo moodboard

Weak3n logo moodboard

For inspiration, we ended up with two that Weak3n liked, from all of the things that I had picked. As you can see the two inspiration logos are vastly different so it quickly became an internal struggle. I could either go one way or mix the two into one.

When looking for inspiration it’s one part thinking “what looks cool” but it’s also a large part “this fits in with what we discussed”. What I tend to do is spend several hour into trying to figure out what the streamer might like. At times I throw in things that they might not like but I feel as if it would fit. The purpose isn’t to copy but to get on the same path from the start.


Weak3n logo sketch

Weak3n logo sketch

When I sat down with the inspiration in front of me I started to do some freehand sketching with my drawing tablet. What you’re seeing here is only a small batch of what I actually drew. Drawing digitally I often get into the groove of not saving every sketch, something that I need to do more since it’s an important not only to you but you your current and future clients as well. Each of these small sketches probably have an additional 4 or 5 versions that I erased as I went along.

The middle one actually didn’t happen in that first sitting, since it was kind of late and I need to get a bit of sleep. What happened was that as I laid down in bed, about to fall asleep, I had one of my design visions where my brain starts to work out things on it’s own. I do the same when I get into a game a lot as well and my brain starts to figure out strategic solutions before and during sleep.

When I woke up the next day I started to draw what I had seen and after another 5-6 attempts you have what you see filled in with black. You should never force yourself to design and instead let it come to you in flashes along the way.


I knew that I wanted a logo that wasn’t static and instead it needed to be flexible and transformative. The point of having it like that is so it can be used in many different ways and situations.

When I took the sketch from Photoshop into Illustrator I knew that this was going to be one of those things that I needed to get right. When I work with logos there’s always more then what meets the eye. Be it that it’s a nod towards different time periods all the way to mathematical nods. In knew I waned to use the 3 as my base measurement so every gap, bottom thickness the W and spacing of the bottom part of the 3 are exactly 9pt away from each other. It’s good number but it’s always 3×3 so it give that extra hidden meaning when you start to dig deep. Other things are of course that it’s based around the triangle with 3 corners. 

Something you should think about when it comes to logos they’re not only a logo or a workmark anymore. A logo/wordmark has to work on many different levels. Be it black/white, different colors, re-arranging and even when you take out certain parts of the logo that should be able to stand on it’s own. All of that was planned in the sketching phase but not executed until we get to the creation part.

Final version

Every step along the way  has a mening and purpose that it serves. Even if the logo looks simple on the surface (and that’s the point) there’s meaning with each shape and each decision reflects a usefulness beyond what meets the eye. One might think that it’s things that the viewer might notice but I can promise you it’s something they’ll feel and experience even if they’re not aware of it.


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Hey! You made it all the way down here! That’s awesome and I love you for even taking time to read or even look at this post. I know I can get very real when I get passionate about Twitch but I hope that it’s the reason why you like to hear my thoughts. BUT never forget that I love what I do and I love what you do. This Twitch thing is amazing.

Question of the day: What do you love about Twitch?

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