Case study: LadyMaCe86 Twitch Branding

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LadyMaCe86 is a poker streamer from Argentina that’s also a partnered streamer on Twitch. She wanted a updated branding that could be something that reflected her personality and her community. This is always the most important aspect of almost any professionally made branding for Twitch channels.


Every time I work with a new type of streamer there’s a lot of re-search that goes in behind it to understand that category on Twitch. I think I spent a few hours watching LadyMaCe86 and other poker streamers to get a better understanding of that Twitch sub-genre.

What we wanted to do was create not only something that could standout among other poker streamers and still highlight what LadyMaCe86 is all about. Another very important aspect, and this is something that I’ve heard a lot, to have a feminine touch but not over the top girly as to eliminate the large male viewer base. Since that’s something that often comes up it’s something I’ve always taken into consideration to really hone into the colors and look that is used for each steamer.


LadyMaCe86 Twitch Branding Moodboard

LadyMaCe86 Moodboard

Here you can see what I had in mind after talking with LadyMaCe86. What we’re embracing the colors, the fun and but still avoiding a cartoonish or “kid tone”. We still want to keep it all looking professional and clean look so that’s also big thing that you can see in the moodboard here. One thing you can’t see is that we decided to go with a different typeface. This one, while not hated, at the end of the day didn’t carry the same professional look that we wanted. Instead I opted to use a san-serif font that still had curves to it, since we didn’t want something as strict as Helvetica.

Avatar sketch

The avatar sketch ended up being in two stages. The first one was an interpretation was based on the image in the moodboard. What happen was that it ended up too far away from reality and therefore too close to the cartoon realm, and that’s what we wanted to avoid. Whenever I get to these situations it’s important to the client to really understand each concern and not roll up in ball and try to defend yourself. You as the designer has to be able to look at it from their perspective as well as bringing in your own knowledge. It’s not about them running over you or you running over them, remember that you’re both working towards the same goal.

Second sketch ended up with a lot more clearer lines and had a much better direction. That’s all due to taking that step back and looking at it from a different perspective. Using this approach would also coincidentally also allow it to fit the the theme that I had planned out in my head from the moodboard.


Here’s the final version of the avatar and you can really see that it all comes together. When both style and concept mesh really well you’re going to get the best result. I see way too many Twitch designers that miss this point and instead go directly for style over anything else.

I create all of my illustrations in Illustrator so that way I get vectors instead of rasters. That means that these can be resized to any size and even be printed in the best possible colors. Keeping it under 10, or fewer, colors also allows for everything to be printed with TeeSpring and get the best possible quality.

Twitch panels iconography

Panels are often overlooked and put in as after thought, and I really have no idea way. You can really add a lot of personality and tell a complete story right there. That’s what I wanted to do with the panels for LadyMaCe86 Twitch branding and give every single panel it’s own life.

These are all very simple yet effective illustrations all made in Illustrator and that comes with the same benefits that you get with an avatar created in Illustrator. While yes these might seem to be a bit cartoonish in their approach there’s a lot of thought behind them to add the the overall branding. What it comes down to is how well they can be used not only as panels but also in different areas in the branding or at least the possibility.


This is the preview that I showed to LadyMaCe86 to show the direction I wanted to take. Utilizing a colorful but not “girly” approach really set the colors pop and not be drab.

As you can see I’ve implemented the card idea from the avatar into the overall brand, while it will be slightly changed towards the end the concept will remain. I also extended it to the offline screen so when you get to the idea LadyMace86 Twitch branding and channel even when she’s not streaming.

What I wanted to create was brand that used both color and had a central theme both linked to Poker but also to who LadyMaCe86 are. When you’re able to balance these two the right way you’re going to get the best possible outcome at the end of the project. Listning to thoughts, ideas, concepts and really getting to know the person you’re going to work with is the best way to get on the same page from the start.

Final version

When all of what I’ve talked about here in this article comes together this is the cohesive brand that you get. It’s not duct taped together or glued randomly and instead each step along the way have an idea, a thought and a reason behind it. I know that this is what makes a brand stand against time and allows you as a Twitch streamer to be both proud over you channel, being able to show who you are and what the audience can expect from you.

As you can see here we have the same concept and colors running throughout the everything from social media banners down to Twitch alerts. There’s not a single thing that hasn’t gotten the same care and treatment from start to end. This is exactly the goal that I wanted to achieve with LadyMaCe86 Twitch branding and I do the same no matter if it’s a partnered streamer or non-partnered streamer.


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