The building blocks for Twitch branding

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Consistently building on your authentic promise to your audience/community. I found a similar wording in another article but I wanted to extend it and put it in context of Twitch and Twitch branding. This article will show how basic building blocks holds up your entire Twitch brand, so it is the building blocks for Twitch branding.

I’ve said it before a Twitch brand is closer to a personal brand than a business brand, even if some still think the opposite. Why it might feel as if a personal brand isn’t “right” it tends to be because people think it’s a narcissistic approach. However, if you look at that first statement, it’s about your audience/community that at end of it will see the benefit.

Let’s look at the words in the statement (consistently building on your authentic promise to your audience/community) and from there see the building blocks for Twitch branding.


Oh boy, how many times haven’t you heard this before, or even, how many times have you heard it today?

Let’s start, once again, by saying that consistency dosen’t equal streaming everyday. All it means is regularly and reliably giving your audience what you’ve promised them. That can mean once, twice or three times a week. Nowhere does it state that it’s x-amount of time or x-amount of days.

It does however mean every single promise that you make. From messages, emails, schedule, social media, updates and so on. Even if you’re not consciously making these promises I can promise you that you have a bunch of them right now. The question is, are you consistently working on fulfilling these promises?


Every step that we take with our brand can either be a step forward or a step backwards. This can be viewed in a few different ways. As in that sometimes you do need to take one step back to take two step forward. We’re always adding things to what we have and it’s not strange that sometimes instead of building up some things can tumble down.

Yes it might seem as if one move shouldn’t break what you’ve spent years to create. But the truth is that it can BUT those situations are there to teach us to do better. At the end of it even mistakes/failures can move into a step, or more, forwards.

It is however — no matter how you look at it — it is the ability to get back up after you fall that really will allow you to grow. When that’s a thing your confidence in building, no matter what, will truly shine.


The actions that we take with you building blocks is all about aligning it with your authentic self. That dosen’t mean full transparency or showing everything that you’re about.

What is is about is: Who are you? Who’s your audience/community? How do you serve them? And how do you align all of that?

That’s how you’re able to stay on an authentic trajectory for your building blocks for Twitch branding. Think about the brands that you trust and why you trust them.


No matter how we look at it branding is a promise to your audience/community. It’s what they expect to see and the experience that you give them when you go live. In whatever promise that you’ve given them in knowledge, entertainment, lessen their pain or education it’s with that you’re giving them value. This is what you then take into your story, action and visuals for your brand.


Finally we have our audience or community. This the same as your target audience. These are also the ones we make the promise to, the people that we’re authentic for, the ones we stay consistent for and the reason why we keep on building. At the core it’s the people that we make our content for.

The question is who do you want to surround yourself with?

There we go! A quick little start to the new week. I hope that you’re having a good start to the day and that you’re ready to tackle this week. 

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